Confessions Of An Adult-Film Videographer

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How did you get into the industry?

I always had an eye for photography. Had a girlfriend in the industry, and she got me into it.

How often did you get a stiffy on set?

The first week, all the time. after that you get used to it and it’s just work.

What is the salary like for a cameraman in the industry?

Depends who you shoot for, and if you’re freelance. Some companies pay $150/day, some pay more. My day rate for content shoots was $1,200/day, and $200-250/day for production shoots.

Could you explain the difference between content, production, and what a free lancer does? There is a pretty big pay difference between the three.

Content – An actress could pay me $1,200 for 12 hours of shooting. The “content” we shot during that day would be theirs only. They can release that content exclusively to their websites.

Production – working for a production company for 1-3 scenes a day for a movie, website, etc..

Would content involve sex? Or just the girls posing?

Both. anything shot on camera is considered content.

Is there a lot of competition in this field or are you just one of the few to have such a job? And did you major in film/ photography?

Tons of competition. There’s 1000’s of people willing to do your job for less money. It came down to being damn good at it, and going above and beyond what was expected.

Assuming they haven’t met before, how much time do the actors & actresses spend together before filming?

Could be an hour, could be 10 minutes. Most of them know each other from previous shoots though.

Is it true that a lot of the male talent use Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs to make sure they get a perfect boner throughout the entire shoot?

I don’t know about a lot, because if they did they would take it before showing up to set, but i have seen a few take them in front of me.

Is it true that the guys have to ejaculate basically on command?

Pretty much. if they need a minute alone to get ready, we have no problem doing that. But for the most part they can do it on command.

Someone once told me fluffers were a thing (girls who keep guys hard between the scenes). Are they really a thing?

Very rarely, but yes.

Is it true they use large lenses to stand further back to avoid getting fluid on them?


Have you ever been mistakenly squirted/ came on by the actors as you were filming?

Yes. Ruby Knox got me in the face.

Ever seen a heavy emotional response from the actors/actresses on set?

Yes. I’ve seen girls break down. Especially if they’re new to the business. But we always gave them time to collect themselves, and the show usually went on.

Do you know why women go to porn industry? Is it just the big cash you mentioned in other topic? What are other reasons?

They get into it for different reasons. I can’t speak for everyone. I know a lot of them have broken families, or got into it out of desperation for money, things like that.

What % of porn stars have “daddy issues”?

A lot.

Do any pornstars work with common diseases like like herpes, or HPV.

A lot of them do but take medications to control it.

What is the most disgusting thing you seen on a porn set?

Most disgusting? A girl that didn’t give herself an enema before an anal scene.

How long did it take for your job to turn into “work.”

About a week. I hated the long hours. I couldn’t make plans during the week. It was hard to keep a girlfriend or a date for that matter, because you don’t know if you’re going to get out of there at 6pm or 2am.

Have you ever dated or slept with an actress? What was it like?

Yes, I dated Taylor Vixen for a while. We had a fun, healthy, loving relationship. We split because we simply wanted different things. We are still friends.

What did your relatives think of your work? Did they know? Just imaging trying to explain to my grandmother if it were me.

Everyone in my family knew. I remember my grandmother calling me to congratulate me getting hired at Penthouse. She knew I worked my ass off to get hired there. My family supported me 100%.

How has working in porn affected your sex life and relationships?

It doesn’t affect my sex life at all. There is a certain level of jealousy and judgement from girlfriends though. Being honest about it and assuring them that there’s no going back is the best way I’ve handled it. It usually takes them a while to deal with it, but eventually they realize the past is the past.

If you have a girlfriend or a wife, what is her opinion about your job?

I had one, and she’s the reason i quit the business. Couldn’t be happier with the decision. I’m an insurance broker now and love my job.

How does your current partner feel about you previously dating pornstars? Has that been an issue in more recent relationships?

It didn’t go over well when i first told her. She still doesn’t like it but the past is the past.

Did you ever shoot gay porn?

No, straight, and girl/girl only.

Have you even been in front of the camera?

Once as an extra, fully clothed in the background.

Why did you leave the industry?

I met a girl who didn’t approve of it, and decided to move on after a couple months. I wasn’t liking it as much as I did when I started, and I missed having set hours of work instead of not knowing if i’d be home at 6pm for dinner, or had to cancel a date because the shoot went on until 2am.

What are some lesser known secrets of the industry?

1. MOST well known actresses are prostitutes. I know of a couple girls who have told me their “weekend rate” is $80,000 for 2 days of company and sex. One of them clears $1.5 million a year doing this.

2. Male actors in the industry… It’s odd to say, but quite a few of the straight actors get bored with women. I won’t say who, but a few of them started sleeping with transgenders and men just to mix up their sex lives. And now a few of those guys are now on the gay side of the industry.

3. The AVN awards (or any adult award show really) is rigged. Whatever production company/agency pays the most for their talent to win the award gets it. AVN can barely afford to put on the award show anymore, and the convention in Vegas every year is getting smaller. They have to fund it by all means possible.

4. Just because they are porn stars doesn’t mean they will sleep with anyone and everyone. Keep in mind they do their best to prevent std’s, and are tested every 2 weeks. Their best means of defense against std’s is to only sleep with other tested actors/actresses, or their significant others.



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