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One tendency I’ve noticed about a lot of us who are into self-development is that we are incredibly hungry for information.

Some of us may have had neglectful parents or an upbringing that was very scarce, we may have not gotten the encouragement for self-betterment, we have no one around us who are striving for the best — so we want to consume and process all the information, methods, tips, and tricks we can.

I think that’s great because being deeply desirous to change yourself is better than being apathetic and lethargic.

Unfortunately, this over-consumption of information can become gluttony. Gluttony then leads to lethargy, which then leads to sloth and not doing anything with this information.

More books! More articles! More podcasts! More lectures! More, more, more! I need to know the secrets of the universe before I end up starting my business, before I apply for that job, before I take that trip, before I ask out that girl.

We need to be perfect and then, then we’ll act. One day. One day.

But one day never comes. Neither does perfection.

The real truth about self-development, the real pain is the application. It’s in the messy interactions between imperfect human beings.

You’ve read what’s in that book about dating. Now, go out on a Friday night and apply it.

You’ve read how to start a business. Now, start your own.

A lot of people are dreaming with their heads up in the clouds, thinking they’re moving the needle when they’re just reading a book or an article online.

How many people are out there actively trying, failing, getting knocked down on their ass, and trying again? Very few.

Most people read about a diet in a book, try it for 2 months, then relapse into their old eating habits.

Many people say “I’m gonna meditate for 20 minutes a day” but they “can’t find the time…because Netflix”.

Then people wonder why 2019 is 2018 is 2017 is 2016. Repeating a fucking Groundhog Day existence for 30 years.

Then you’ll be 68 years old and realize that you just twiddled your thumbs in your ivory tower while your life passed you by.

Because the real pain of self-development is exertion, it’s doing it when you don’t want to do it, it’s progressively getting better and actively cutting out areas where you don’t need to be doing things.

What methods work? They all work. There are some that are more “optimal” than others, but they will all work – if applied. If you read a self-help book starting from ground zero (like you know nothing about this stuff), you will be a better person on page 258 than you were at page 1. I guarantee it. So it’s not about “choosing the right methods”. It’s about application.

There are people who think self-development and self-help is a joke. These people have never even walked into a book store and yet they’re laughing all the way to the bank or living the life that we want to live!

I can pretty much guarantee that if you took one book like Deep Work or Psycho-Cybernetics and applied everything in there to the T, your life would dramatically alter.

You wouldn’t need to be browsing Inc. magazine for the newest hacks. You wouldn’t need to go on Entrepreneur and say you’re “hustling”.

We need to stay focused, guys. We need to build a core set of practices and not stray from the narrow road of improvement.

We need to throw ourselves into the task with everything we have and not look around for another hack or tactic to help us when we have an arsenal of 1,000 inside our head.

You won’t know all the answers. You can’t know all the answers before you take action. You need to act before you are ready.

You will NEVER be ready.

You can’t solve the puzzle without taking action to assemble the pieces.

Get going and the pieces will start to fall in place. Then the puzzle starts to solve itself.

– iamsmcamp



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