The Ramblings Of A Male Feminist

April 15, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: TRUTH

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male feminist

The concept of virginity was created because men are so egotistical, that they think that a penis can fundamentally change who a woman is. Meanwhile in real life our penises are pathetic when compared to the power of a vagina. Why do men say that women came from a mans rib, when it’s self explanatory that we came from a vagina. I also believe that if there was an Adam an Eve, because of history and not #herstory, Adam probably ate the apple then blamed Eve.

Female genital mutilation is carried out because men hate themselves. Men rape women because they want a false physical power over women, because they have an internalised inferiority complex as they know that women are more powerful than men. So we force them to cover up as children because we are weak. Or we force them to strip off for approval so that we can objectify them to feel better about our sh*t connection to real spirituality.

The only thing more powerful than a woman, is the holy trinity of mother father and child. Now the holy trinity is Father, son, ghost. Where is the woman? She is a ghost? She is separated at religious ceremonies. She is a survivor of rapes and sexism. She isn’t paid equally but she raised you. Are we actually stupid.

When I build sustainable villages they will be matrifocal, matriarchal and matrilineal, because I know that a people can only rise as high as it’s women.

Meanwhile evil men still rape women, conditioned men are still sexist and perpetuate rape culture. Women are Thots (that hoe over there’s) sluts and bitches, men are running the planet into the ground but don’t want to share power with women. They think that when you share power with with women you halve it, but my brothers when you share power with women you double it. Respect, balance, peace love and unity and Truth



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