Dog Rescued 136 Miles Off Coast Of Thailand By Oil Rig Workers

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dog rescue oil rig

An exhausted dog was pulled to safety by oil rig workers who spotted it swimming in the Gulf of Thailand, 135 miles from the coast.

The moment the dog crawled onto the rusty bars of the rig were captured on video, after workers had called out to her as she swam towards them.

The video was posted Khon Vitisak, who rescued the animal and now hopes to adopt it—if no one steps forward to claim the brown Aspin.


Oil rig workers and animal charities are baffled as to how she came to be swimming so far from shore.

Vitisak said that they only spotted the dog because the sea was unusually calm.

“We found her trying to swim towards our rig, which is about 135 miles from the shore,” said Vitisak. “Thankfully the sea was quite still because the wind was calm. We just saw her small head but if the ripples were bigger, I think we probably wouldn’t have noticed her at all.”

dog rescue oil rig

“After she made it onto the bars below the rig she didn’t cry or bark at all,” he said.

While nobody quite yet understands how this impressive pooch — named Boonrod, or Survivor, by the workers — managed to swim so far into the endless ocean, there are essentially two viable theories thus far: she either jumped off a ship nearby or has swimming stamina that is nothing short of shocking.

dog rescue oil rig

After workers lowered a rope and pulled the dog to safety, the ocean-conquering Aspin could finally stop paddling. As a reward, she was dried, fed, and given a makeshift shelter to rest in. The dog stayed on the platform for two nights before moving on to her next temporary home.

A passing oil tanker was notified of the situation and agreed to let the dog onboard. By using a crane, oil rig workers made sure to safely enclose the animal and lift her onto the northbound vessel. She was taken to Songkhla in southern Thailand on Monday to get some needed veterinarian care.

dog rescue oil rig

As it stands, the resourceful pup is under the care of animal charity Watchdog Thailand and getting a comforting checkup after enduring such an ordeal. Thankfully, everything seems to be in order thus far.

dog rescue oil rig



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