Life Isn’t All Sunshine And Rainbows

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Auschwitz employees enjoying some free time

Relevant quote from American Gods

There are accounts that, if we open our hearts to them, will cut us too deeply. Look — here is a good man, good by his own lights and the lights of his friends: he is faithful and true to his wife, he adores and lavishes attention on his little children, he cares about his country, he does his job punctiliously, as best he can. So, efficiently and good-naturedly, he exterminates Jews: he appreciates the music that plays in the background to pacify them; he advises the Jews not to forget their identification numbers as they go into the showers — many people, he tells them, forget their numbers, and take the wrong clothes when they come out of the showers. This calms the Jews. There will be life, they assure themselves, after the showers. Our man supervises the detail taking the bodies to the ovens; and if there is anything he feels bad about, it is that he still allows the gassing of vermin to affect him. Were he a truly good man, he knows, he would feel nothing but joy as the earth is cleansed of its pests.


Jewish mothers and their children walk to the gas chambers at Birkenau. This was taken mid-1944, when the extermination process had been ramped up to full speed


U.S Army combat camera photographer Spc. Hilda Clayton took this photo July 2, 2013 that was released by the U.S. Army, that shows an Afghan soldier engulfed in flame as a mortar tube explodes during an Afghan National Army live-fire training exercise in Laghman Province, Afghanistan. The accident killed Clayton and four Afghan National Army soldiers.


The online diaries of the Florida woman found dead by Denver police. She had been obsessed with the Columbine school shooting and had threatened another school shooting (dissolvedgirl)


Punishment for not harvesting enough rubber. Belgium, Congo. 1908


20 years ago, high school senior Eric Harris wrote this in his day planner. He and Dylan Klebold would commit the Columbine massacre a month later


Cop Begs for Her Life After Fugitive Pulls Out Gun


Agent who was blocked from investigating Al Qaeda, killed in 9/11 attacks


Orangutan attempts to physically fight off bulldozer destroying its habitat for Palm Oil


Mass graveyard of the German 6th army who were killed during the battle of Stalingrad,which eventually became the bloodiest battle of all time


In 1946, a black WWII veteran was taking a bus home in uniform, and asked the driver to stop for a bathroom break. The driver called the police, and the local chief of police arrested the man, beat him, and gouged out his eyes with a nightstick. The officer was acquitted by an all-white jury. (


Homeless mother and son


Minutes after this photo was taken, this Vietnamese woman and her children were killed by US soldiers in the My Lai Massacre.

Between 347 and 504 unarmed Vietnamese civilians were killed by US soldiers in South Vietnam on March 16, 1968 in the My Lai Massacre during the Vietnam War. The soldiers shot women, children, pets, and livestock during the massacre. Only one soldier was ever convicted for the horrific war crime.


Comments on a porn video


“The Boy with the Henna Tattoo” Documentary about two Australian men that traveled with their adopted son for him to be sexually abused by men all over the world. Hopefully these guys get served some prison justice


Julius Popper hunting for members of indigenous tribes as part of the Selk’nam genocide in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina in 1896. Large companies paid a bounty for each dead native, which was confirmed on presentation of a pair of hands or ears, or later a complete skull.

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