Reaction GIFs Up In This Beeeyotch!

April 25, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Funny Pictures, Video

Me: I’ll only go out for one drink

Also me at 3am when my friends try to get me to leave:


My girl waiting for me to magically guess why she’s mad at me


Me trying to reach the word count on my essay


My wife’s reaction when she doesn’t wanna but it’s my birthday


When I’m drunk at a party and Kiss from a Rose comes on


Me waiting till the last day to write my essay


Jumping back into a toxic relationship like


When you smash a one night stand and send her on her way in an Uber


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Her: Thanks for buying me a drink

Me: NP! So where are you fr-



***Take 1 pill before and after drinking and you will wake up feeling like a CHAMP!***

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