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Women want to be desired as much as we desire them.

A woman loves knowing that a man wants her. That she’s so irresistible you want to flirt and touch her. That you will take her and give her intense, mind-blowing pleasure. I’ve said it before: women think about sex (a lot), too.

When you hang around girls that you’re attracted to and hide your romantic intentions, you’re admitting those feelings are wrong — that having, normal sexual thoughts are a bad thing. Guys, you’ve got to stop putting women on a pedestal. They’re just like you and they want the same things.

You’re also assuming that women are stupid or naive. Your body language and behavior often give up how you really feel about her anyway. Women possess high emotional intelligence and a sixth sense for knowing when a man is being dishonest.

When you hide your intentions you…

Don’t give me that “I don’t want to disrespect her” excuse. We’re in the internet age and you’ve watched some freaky adult entertainment and thought some ridiculous shit. Guess what, women are into it as well! (Well, most of it.) You won’t have to watch it anymore when you can do it yourself.

Wouldn’t you want to embrace a woman? Make her feel incredible underneath you? To have her call out your name in ecstasy? You have to let that desire motivate you to take action with women. You can either be alone or be with someone. Your call.

Again, women yearn to be desired and being ashamed or afraid of your sexuality only hurts you in the end. Of course, being sexual with women requires self-control, respect, and timing to be successful.

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