Confessions Of A Sex Shop Janitor

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Why are there booths at an adult store?? Is it a try before you buy sort of thing?

Adult video booths are commonly used by men to hook up with other men. Unless the management is very strict, guys will hang around looking for other guys to go into a booth with.

If there are glory holes between the booths, one guy will signal through the hole to the guy in the neighbouring booth inviting him to put his penis through. The first guy will then give him a blow job. They may take turns sucking and being sucked, or one will give head to the other. Sometimes, one of the men will bend over and get fucked through the glory hole.

Most of the men who use video booths and glory holes are men who act straight in their everyday lives. Gay men go to gay bars for their hookups – they don’t need anonymity.

Where is the booths located in the store? Your facility can’t possibly condone this stuff?

It’s attached to the store, and the door to the arcade is closed. Arcade being the place that I go to clean. The door is closed, and we have signs that tell people they can’t do things of sexual nature.. but the doors are closed, ya know?

How old is the average booth user?


What war stories do you have for us?

I saw a four man train, fully naked, out eating ass and ass packin. I later went to clean and found shit all over the place with only one condom. One. That’s one of the many stories. Also had a guy nut all over himself and try to hug other arcade guests

What’s the most disgusting thing you’ve found?

Found isn’t as bad as seen. I have found a whole toilet full of jizz and shit. It wasn’t fun to clean.. Still, it didn’t smell bad, I will admit

Do you regularly find toys or other intimate objects used in the bathrooms?

Mostly lube and poop condoms. Worst I have found is a wig

Poop condoms?

A condom that has been used for anal, then shit inside of.

You ever ban people for shit like that (no pun intended)?

We do ban people for good. Someone wanked it in front of our, female, assistant manager. She was scarred. Someone groped me, he is now banned. Both situations were documented.

Some people even pee all over the booth.

What the fuck. I didn’t know this stuff honestly happen at sex shops.

Me either… I don’t know man. I’ve seen too many things

I can only hope that you’re at least making good money doing what you do

$11 isn’t worth this. My felony record says otherwise

What was your felony?

Grand theft

Story time? Or would you rather not talk about it?

The store I worked at lost thousands of dollars during inventory, a time where all Items need to be accounted for. I got blamed for the loss of items. I think it will get purged in 3 years if I get my lawyer to expunge it.

What’s the cheapest and also most expensive thing in your store?

Cheapest would be some condoms. Most expensive is the Fuck Me Silly toy doll.

Can you describe what makes this silly toy so expensive?

The material, the size, and the design. It sells too. It’s basically just the lower half of a woman.

As a jizz mopper is it true that cum leaves streaks if you don’t clean it right away?

Yes. HUGE streaks. You need to scrub it with a sponge and then wipe with a towel.

What’s the best way to get cum out of a fabric?

More cum. Kiddding. Run it through warm water and then cold water. Spray some pet piss cleaner on that bad boy.

How concerned are you about the possibility of contracting something contagious? What precautions do you take?

Incredibly concerned honestly. I wear gloves, a face mask, and almost every protective equipment I can get. The company will support any request I have in terms of safety equipment..

Not so much my safety from the people though lol

Have you ever made a mistake and gotten exposed? Did you need testing to be sure you were okay?

I have only gotten testing once, but the company will help me out with testing whenever I need it, i think? I think one time my glove ripped and I didn’t notice. I treat it like the worst injury ever and wash my hands for 30 minutes.

Your company gives you every thing you need to defend against disease, what about the people who go in there to do their thing? Are they getting naked and just slopping around in the jizz sea?

Most of them are indeed getting naked and just hangin around. They lean against the walls that have semen on them. They put their hands on every surface they can. And every surface has jizz.

How often do you get hit on by the customers? (Guys or gals)

Once a day, if not twice. All guys nnn

Ever been invited into a booth?

Many times lol. Declined all.

What’s the weirdest thing a customer has asked you for?

To put some lube on my glove and “use my imagination”

Best sex toy, in your opinion, for guys? Girls? Couples?

Prostrate play is under rated. Males need to explore that more. Flashlight products are pretty good. The AutoBlow 2 is good too. For females? Any fun factory dual stimulator. The Womanizer is an amazing clit toy. Coupes would be the wevibe sync

Who’s the guy you’ve seen in there who you’d think the least likely to frequent these kinds of shops?

This super rich guy that shows up with a corvette and buys poppers, google it. I caught him with three guys around him. He has a wife. He showed me

How much longer will you do this? Any other career plans?

Not much longer if I dont get more money. I want to be a web developer.

If you had to pick something you learned for your future jobs, what would it be?

People change once they get what they want. I have had some nice conversations with the people that buy an arcade pass. But on the inside.. I never feel safe.

After doing this job, do you still eat mayonnaise?

Yes. Every bite is torture. Especially when you have a friend that says “jizz jizz jizz” to remind me



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