Reaction GIFs Beeeyotch!

May 2, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Funny Pictures

When you thought you were done arguing but you hear the other person whisper something under their breath


When she asks me if I ate the rest of her burrito that she was looking forward to eating all day


When I visit a Wal-Mart after dark


When I visit my son in college and he brings me to a house party filled with kegs and weed


When I hear Facebook say its now a privacy focused company


When my mom sees me vacuuming the house


When my favorite porn star retires after years of service


When I ask a McDonalds worker for extra sauce


When Im at the grocery store and a new checkout opens


When you get a gf and she wating on you to announce you got a girl on social media so the hoes be gone


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