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End to AIDS in sight as huge study finds drugs stop HIV transmission – The Guardian

5 Principles for Making Better Life Decisions – Mark Manson

If your check engine light turned on in your car, this will tell you exactly whats’s wrong with it – Amazon

Pauline Jackson Is A Cure For Tired Eyes – Leenks

Why Your Friends Hate Their Relationship (And Why You Don’t Have To) – Nick Notas

The hottest photos and videos of the day – Caveman Afterdark

22 Life Lessons I Learned From My Mentors That Every Person Should Know – Darius Foroux

A Very Simple Explanation Of How The Stock Market Works – Ted-Ed

Lili Simmons Leaked Pics & Videos (nsfw) – Phun

The best hair product for keeping your hairstyle locked in – Amazon

If Instagram Gets Rid Of Like Counts, What Will It Mean For Influencers? – Refinery 29

3 million senior citizens in the US are still paying off their student loans – Insider

Ashley Graham’s Bodacious Bikini Body Is All Curves In All The Right Places – Egotastic

Top 10 Slutty Athletes of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

The Cartel’s Accountant: Inside The Eccentric Story Of Pablo Escobar’s Older Brother, Roberto Escobar – All That Is Interesting

Pornhub wants to buy Tumblr and restore site to former porn-filled glory – ARS Technica

Fentanyl execs found guilty of racketeering, face 20 year prison sentences – Boing Boing

Laughing Man Threw Terrified Dog Over A Cliff Into The Sea – Unilad

Why I’m cashing out of San Francisco’s tech IPO boom and retiring to Hawaii at 42 – CNBC

The 14 Essential Restaurants in Chiang Mai, Thailand – Eater

Conquering FOPA: The Fear Of Other People’s Approval – Financial Samurai

An $8,000 liposuction procedure promises 6-pack abs without lifting a finger – Insider

How to Memorize an Entire Chapter from “Moby Dick”: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything – VOX

Should I Pay Off My Credit Card if That Means Saving Less? – Penny Hoarder

Terrorist stabs police officer – cops fill him with hot lead – Trending View

Cardi B Explaining How She Didn’t Flash Her Pu$$y at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards (nsfw) – The Slip

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