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How is World War II taught in German Schools?

When you grow up here and you are still rather young, you get the sense that you (as in Germans) fucked up in the past and its a lingering feeling but you are too young to understand or make sense of it.

As in you might wave to someone with your right arm and hold it up to long and someone scolds you for it or a parent quickly tells you to lower your arm and they try to tell you why.

In short Every german Student has at least 5+ years of history that is either directly or indirectly about WW2 and it’s effects on the world we live in today.

I can only speak of my personal experience which to make this easier to understand was 4 years in the Grundschule, followed by 6 years on the Realschule and topped of by 2 years on the FOS. (currently studying but there is no real impact)

Of these 12 Years i had History lessons starting at 6th grade officially. Something you quickly learn is that the education system at least where i was, had a very heavy focus on WW2 and the DDR (google Berlin Wall if in doubt).

We had 2 years in which we had the whole history from the Stone-age? to the Great War (WW1). the next years we intensely learned everything from the stability of Germany after WW1, the Nazis rise to power and WW2 itself.

When i mean intensely I mean we started in the 1920’s and worked ourself towards the war staying at specific events for long periods of times, such as the “Hitlerputsch” and later the “Kristallnacht”.

The war itself was explained from one front to the next and we jumped alot, but the largest fokus was on the “German Perspective”. We learned about Partisanen, Yugoslavia, the Pacific War, etc. later.

We had debates and where shown dokuments or videos about each topic.

Looking back what struck me as weird, was we coverd WW2 in large parts and there where hints here and there about the warcrimes, but they waited till 9th Grade and then unloaded a shitton of information on us stretched over months. (maybe they thought we where to young before)

I felt ill more than once after the X video was shown to us in which mass graves or Detention Camps where shown.

I visited the Concentration camp Dachau (and another smaller camp) with my school and there was a heavy focus on us knowing what exactly happend there, starting with numerous videos on people entering the camp and the piles of bodies.

I know it wasn’t meant as such by the Teachers, but you feel like a piece of shit, walking through a place in which countless lives have been ruined by your ancestors and you feel that weight, or it comes back. I still feel shitty whenever someone calls me a Nazi or accuses the Germans of being racist war criminals.

All in all i feel it was important that we had such a big focus on it, since i honestly believe in the statement, that those who don’t learn about history will repeat it.

In a nutshell, you know how Americans always say ‘Never forget’ when it comes to 9/11? Most Germans are like that with World War 2 and the holocaust.


What’s the best way to launder $5,000,000 in cash?

Disclaimer: We do not condone the illegal laundering of money, this is for entertainment purposes only

Buy a cash business like a nail salon, paying the majority of the true purchase price in cash to the seller with a token amount on paper. “Sales” increase steadily over a year, you sock away all the clean money thrown off by the salon, maybe 4-5K/mo. After that year, put the 50-60K as a down payment for a really shitty investment home or “flip”. Pay for all renovations in cash. Sell house for a clean profit, rinse and repeat.

Once you get tired of that, buy yourself a small commercial building. A shitty little neighborhood shopping center with vacancy problems. Hire patsies to open more cash businesses. A dry cleaner. A tanning salon. A boutique clothing store. Each of these operations now serve two purposes: cleaning a little cash each month which pays for your patsies and a little taste for you, but more importantly, they pay their above-market rent on time each month.

Now you’ve operated this for a year and have built some excellent financials on the shopping center, so you sell it as a leased investment on the commercial real estate market. What you purchased for $1m when it was throwing off no rental income you now sell for $5m as investors pare paying you for value of future cash flows. Now 1031 tax defer your profits into a like kind investment, which means your $4m profit is now down payment on a $15m office building throwing off $750K/year in crystal clean income.

The real trick is don’t take that $750K/year though (taxable as income). Pay your mortgage down early, and after 5 years you refi and take your $5m out as capital gains to minimize tax exposure. Rinse, repeat as needed.

– Caulkpunch



What’s it like to argue with a flat-earther?

Once you start asking questions and show you don’t believe their ridiculousness you will be called silly “insults” like globie, globetard, globehead, sheep, sheeple, troll, etc.

At the absolute best, They will refer you to their leaders YouTube videos to “do your own research” if you start making too much sense for them to handle.

There are several that livestream on YouTube pretty often, and the chat can be a place to interact with them if you don’t insult them and don’t care that they try to insult you.

Be warned, you are entering a place where things are very strange to say the least. Don’t worry about facts, math, pictures, common sense, or anything that is verifiable. None of this matters in the slightest.

There are a few categories of people as best I can tell.

Fraudsters who make $ off the others from selling merchandise and YouTube channels, total conspiracy theorists who will believe anything (amusingly) as long as it goes against the government, legitimately mentally ill people (this was the scariest part for me to realize how many there are..I’ve been told “feds” told a guy fairies were real and they control the weather, I’ve seen videos of a guy holding a rock saying it was a fossilized giants toe..AND that he was casting spells with it..there’s a couple more but I’ll let you have your own experiences.) And of course good old religious zealots who think we are everything there is or ever will be.

What you will not find is anyone educated to speak with. On the rare occasion you find someone not seemingly insane, you will notice they are the ones making money from things, which I’m pretty sure 99% of these people just say they believe this nonsense so they can stay in the circle. It’s as close to a cult as you can get.

Anyhow, you have my best wishes. Delving too deep is not for the faint of heart, will, or mind. It can literally drive you crazy trying to make the simplest points to them. Remember I told you this.

Once you realize this, don’t bother trying to prove anything. Show up for the humor, rattle their cages, and leave without getting worked up.



Why don’t infertile people just adopt or foster children instead of spending thousands of dollars on IVF treatment?

The more you actually know about adoption and fostering, the less viable of an option it sounds like. Now, if your sole goal is to “help children” (and this is almost never the reason anyone wants to be parent, infertile or otherwise) then absolutely, being a foster parent helps more children than any other option- BUT…you will most likely never adopt from foster care. Most kids are reunited with their drug-addicted parents because the ultimate goal of the foster system is reunification except in extreme cases. And at least 99% of kids in foster care have major trauma or disabilities. Most people are not emotionally strong enough to deal with the special needs AND the inevitable goodbye when they have to send the kids off to their bio parents.

It’s one thing to say “I’ll give birth to a child and in the rare event that it’s born with a major disability, I’d accept that and be a great parent” and another thing to say “I will voluntarily go through grueling processes with the government to temporarily take care of a child who is guaranteed to have a major disability and who will leave my house a year later to go back to an abusive home.”

Now, infant adoption is another story, but it’s a nearly extinct thing. International adoption is almost entirely over. Most countries have stopped doing it. There are far more waiting parents in the US than available babies. It’s not charitable to adopt a healthy baby, if it wasn’t you, it would be 200 other loving couples waiting for that particular baby.

And expense? While foster care isn’t going to be terribly expensive (but has the aforementioned issues), adoption is far far more expensive than anyone imagines. There are couples who spend north of $100K+ and NEVER GET A BABY. Yes, really. It’s common for birth mothers to scam adoptive parents, tell them they plan on giving the child up, but secretly never have that intention. They just want their bills paid for 9 months. There is no law prohibiting this. It’s completely legal to dangle an imaginary adoption in front of someone to get $50K in expenses paid. Most adoptive parents go through numerous scams before eventually getting a baby (if it happens at all).

There are no orphanages full of Orphan Annies waiting to be adopted. The vast majority of children are adopted by other family members before it ever comes to that. When they say there are 100,000 waiting children in the system they are talking about kids who are probably still going to be reunited with their birth parents, and kids who have major issues that most people are not equipped to handle. For example, a kid strapped to a ventilator who needs someone to be home 24/7. If both parents work (which most people do these days) that just isn’t an option.

To be clear there absolutely are happy foster parent stories! There are children who thrive with a foster parent who later adopts them. But it would be untrue to say that adopting from foster care doesn’t involve a lot of tough emotions and trauma most of the time. Most foster kids are not physically disabled but almost all have experienced trauma that not everyone is equipped to help with. I really admire those who are, but I know my own mental health issues would make me a bad candidate. The goal of the foster system IS reunification and foster parents are discouraged from fostering with the intention of adopting.


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