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Here is a handy guide on how to ask a girl out, yet save face for both of you if she isn’t interested:

Ask the girl the following: “Hey, I was wondering if you’d be free this ______ at ___ pm to get dinner with me?” Be extremely specific! Don’t say, “Are you free in the next decade?” or worse yet, “When are you free?”. It’s much better to say, “Are you free this Saturday at 6:30pm?”.

Option A: She says some variation of “yes”. Wow, that was easy!

Option B: She says, “Sorry, I have fiveexams that week, but how about _____? Does that work for you?” Congratulations, she was actually busy but is interested in you! You also gave her the option to decide on a date that works for her, you gentleman you!

Option C: She says, “I’m a bit busy then. Sorry, I don’t think I’ll be able to make it.” Oof, sorry my dude, she wasn’t into you. Do not, under any circumstances, suggest another day. This is because if she was truly interested, SHE’D suggest another date. Wish her the best with her work and go your separate ways.

For everyone out there who’s afraid of rejection (ie, everyone), this is the perfect method, because by suggesting a very specific date and time, there’s a huge chance that she will actually be busy. This means that her response of, “Sorry, I’m busy” will be genuine, but now it gives HER the power to decide on a further course of action. Essentially, you’ve turned the tables and now she’s the one asking you out! Thus, if she suggests another time, congratulations, a girl just asked you out on a date! If she doesn’t, that’s equivalent to her never having asked you out in the first place, so everything has stayed the same and you have lost nothing.

– leocohen99



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