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A key symptom of depression is anhedonia, typically defined as the loss of ability to experience pleasure. It is a core feature of depression, but it is also one of the most treatment-resistant symptoms. Using ketamine, researchers found over-activity in the brain blunting reward seeking (article)

This is what I wish I could convey to people about how depression feels as opposed to just being really sad or justifiably grief stricken. It’s like you’ve just lost the particular hardware that runs all those transcendent indescribable feelings and sensations and moments that make life worth living.

All of that is just sort of snipped out of you at a bedrock level and no amount of intellectualizing or trying to power through can make that part of your brain kick back in. Imagine if the only sensation you can process — the only sensation you can even imagine processing ever again is that godawful feeling of waiting in line for 30 minutes at the post office or bank, or going over the same bullshit with comcast customer support 40 times. Those agonizing dull and irritating little moments of everyday life expand to fill your entire universe. They become all that is and ever will be. That’s literally the only sensation you can ever conceive of experiencing for the rest of your life — most people would seriously entertain just ending it all in those circumstances — that’s basically how depression feels. A non-depressed brain can power through that shit because you know eventually you might get to feel all that tingly wonderfulness that comes with love or real joy or what have you, those feelings are still stored in your mental library, but in clinical depression the only thing that exists for you is waiting in line at the bank. Depression should really just be called “waiting-in-line-at-the-bank” syndrome.rrtaylor


The Whole Shabangs” potato chips, available almost exclusively from US Prison system commissaries. Ex-cons consider these chips to be the best chip out there, and a high-point of their incarceration. Many end up dismayed and disappointed at their lack of availability “on the outside”. (article)

whole shebangs chips


A human would have to eat 300 hamburgers just to match the equivalent of what hummingbirds consume to survive every day.


Coolio’s cameo in Batman & Robin was an Easter Egg setting up a fifth movie in the series. Coolio is uncredited as playing Dr. Jonathan Crane aka The Scarcrow who would’ve been the main villain in Batman Unchained. (article)

Coolio was also robbed by his “fans” at a concert in England. They all moved when he attempted to stage dive and then stole his shoes, jewelry, and accessories.


One of the most expensive wine bottles that was never to have been drunk was a 1787 Margaux from Thomas Jeffersons Collection, the owner brought it to a restaurant and a waiter knocked it over. Insurance payout was $225,000 in 1989 (article)

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The Oneida silverware company was started by a religious millennial group (1850) who practiced free love and would have menopausal women train the young males how to not ejaculate during sex as a method of abstinence. (article)

America in the mid-1800s was rife with experiments in communal living. One of the most controversial approaches was in Oneida, NY, where the community’s founder, John Humphrey Noyes, proclaimed the practice of free love and breeding for a super race. When that idea disintegrated, Oneida embraced the production of silverware.


An economist won the lottery 14 times by calculating when the jackpot got higher than the cost by buying every possible number combination and doing just that. (article)


Professional wrestler Kerry Von Erich had to have his foot amputated after a bad accident, but continued wrestling while secretly wearing a prosthetic – even showering in his boots so no one would know. His injury wasn’t public knowledge until his death from suicide 7 years later.

Five of the six Von Erich brothers preceded their father in death, three of those by suicide.


Pope John XII was the only Pope who was ever beaten to death by a jealous husband for sleeping with his wife. He was also accused of turning the papal palace into a brothel, sleeping with his niece, toasting the devil, ordaining a 10yr old boy, and misusing papal funds to pay gambling debts.


A man was snorkeling off the coast of South Africa when an enormous Bryde’s whale scooped him up in his mouth headfirst. The man felt pressure on his body but soon realized he was too big for the whale to swallow him whole which was “kind of an instant relief.” The whale spat him out unharmed


The Pixar film Coco, which features the spirits of dead family members, got past China’s censors with 0 cuts. In China, superstition is taboo due to the belief spiritual forces could undermine people’s faith in the communist party. The censors were so moved by the film, they gave it a full pass. (article)

Its success in China was due to cultural similarities in honouring the dead, as they have a festival similar to Mexico’s day of the dead:

‘One of China’s biggest holidays is the Qingming (which roughly translates as “tomb-sweeping”) Festival. The Chinese mark it by celebrating family both living and dead: Loved ones travel together to graves to pray and offer food and drink.’


In 2016, more than half of all Americans forfeited vacation days, amounting to 206 million unused vacation days worth some $66.4 billion, and those employees who forfeit their vacation days do not perform as well as the ones who use all their time (article)

The top reasons Americans report for not using all of their vacation days are:

  1. Returning to a mountain of work: 43 percent

  2. Feeling that no one else can do their job: 34 percent

  3. The pressures of a senior role: 33 percent

  4. Can’t financially afford a vacation: 32 percent

  5. Want to show complete dedication: 26 percent


Ebbie Tolbert was born around 1807 and spent over 50 years as a slave. She got her freedom at the age of 56. She also lived long enough so that at age 113 she could walk to the St Louis polling station and registered to vote (article)