Bullied 10-Year Old Refuses To Fight Back Because ‘It’s Not The Jedi Way’

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aiden vasquez bully

(Lizette Casanova/Facebook)

A young boy who was hospitalized by his school bullies has now said that he refused to fight back as that’s ‘not the Jedi way’.

Aiden Vasquez, from California, went viral after pictures were posted to Facebook by his mom, showing him injured and distressed following a bullying incident at school.

In a follow-up post, mom Lizette Casanova explained his heartbreaking response, writing: “Aiden wants me to let everyone know he’s doing fine, all stitched up and numb. He said he felt it in his soul not to hit the kid back… IT’S NOT THE JEDI WAY!!”

This is not the first time the 10-year-old has been physically bullied by his school peers.

Lizette claimed this is the third year in a row that her son has been bullied at Two Bunch Palms Elementary School in Desert Hot Springs.

“Yes, he is different…BUT REALLY!?! Now we’re making hospital visits,” she added.

Lizette claimed this is also the second time he’s required a hospital visit due to the bullies – the previous time being a cheek laceration from being ‘pushed’.

A picture of Aiden was included in the post, with the boy looking visibly distraught with a rather hefty cut above his eyebrow and a swollen cheek.

His mom decided enough was enough and took the situation to the authorities.

Aiden told local TV station KMIR that this recent serious incident – which happened just days into his new school year – all started because the bully took his backpack.

“‘Give me my backpack, give me my backpack,'” he recalled asking the school bully. “I went to go get it and then – pop.”

That’s when the little boy suffered the three-inch deep cut above his eye

Some parents may have a ‘fight back’ mentality when teaching their children to defend themselves from bullies, but Lizette doesn’t believe this is the right way.

She included on her original Facebook post: “For those telling me I should tell my son to FIGHT BACK OR Hurt the kid we’re not those kinds of people.

“I don’t need to fight with fists to prove a point. My son is incredibly gifted and that’s all I have to teach him to embrace he will be someone one day trust and believe! #StopBullying.”


Hey mom, about you enroll your son in Jiu-Jitsu, or Muay Thai or Wrestling and give him the confidence to stand up for himself. He’s going to get punked for the rest of his life if you don’t change it up. Last time, I checked Jedis knew how to fight.

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