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Why is wrestling the most important skill to have in MMA?

Joe Rogan on wrestling:

“We said it a million times but it bears repeating. Wrestling is the greatest skill to have in MMA because wrestling dictates where the fight takes place.

On top of that, amateur wrestling training is so unbelievably grueling that the guys who get through it are the guys who rise to the top are the elite of the elite when it comes to mental toughness. That is a huge part of fighting. Mental toughness and focus and the ability to work hard to achieve goals under exceedingly insurmountable circumstances.”

Other Commentator: “You must embrace the grind as they say.”

Rogan: “That’s a nice way of putting it but they go through hell. That’s not a grind you know….Amateur wrestling practice is a constant exercise in over training, dehydration, and maintaining your momentum and maintaining your motivation in incredibly uncomfortable moments.”

Other commentator: “Anybody in high school or college who played a sport they would always see the wrestlers just running and going, and going. They start before you start and they finish way after.”

Rogan: “And they take great pleasure in being uncomfortable. They take great pleasure in their ability to push. And there is not a lot of sports that can say that, not a lot of sports where that is part of the badge of courage; the ability to be constantly miserable……”


Wrestlers don’t just learn grappling moves, they learn how to embrace the suck of practice and tough arse matches.

They are used to screaming crowds while you basically fight someone for all to see. Wrestlers can start at the age of 5.

If you lose, which you will, a lot, you have to suck it up and get ready to wrestle again in 30 minutes or more, then again after that. You could have 2–6 matches in one day. Each one more intense than the last.

Win or lose you need to learn to move on right after someone just owned you. You have to learn how to not lose heart while your getting beaten in a match so you can come back and win.

You have to be able to handle being physically and mentally punished day on and day out. Wrestling rooms are brutal places. Wrestlers don’t play well with others.

Wrestlers need to control their diet to make weight while still being able to rock and roll.

These are things that make wrestlers so good. It’s not as much the moves, it’s the life style.



What’s it like to be castrated?

Many men and women are castrated every day.

Women have their ovaries removed. This would best be answered by a woman since they are thrown into sudden menopause.

Men have their testicles removed. The procedure is not complicated or long. It is normally done in a hospital as an outpatient. You go home as soon as you wake up.

Most men that have it done for prostate cancer, chronic testicular pain after a vasectomy, or injury.

You feel the same as before the operation except once you have ejaculated out all of the remaining sperm in your tubes and prostate, you are sterile.

At first you want to masturbate more than before castration. It seems to be driven by an anxiety that you will not be able to have an erection.

Six to twelve weeks after castration you stop having a sex drive and erections.

Four to six months after castration you start having hot flashes and night sweats. You have trouble sleeping. You have extreme exhaustion no matter how much rest you get. You lose upper body strength.

At about one year it is apparent that your flaccid penis has started to shrink. Your scrotum has shrunk.

Between two to five years your penis will probably shrink to the size of a prepubescent male. The erectile tissue in your penis will be replaced with fibers. Most of penile sensation is gone. You may have to sit to urinate to keep from making a mess.

Daniel Lee Halm, I have had a bilateral Orchiectomy, penis shrunk & atrophied



Why is WWE rapidly losing its viewership?

Vince McMahon.

Full stop.

Vince is a control freak who cannot keep himself from tweaking and micromanaging his on-air product. It’s hard to write storylines that take place over months when your boss will come in hours before the show is set to take place and decide that he wants to do something different because he heard a thing on the radio, stubbed his toe, or felt that the stars weren’t in alignment.

As a result WWE writers can’t really plan things too terribly far in advance. And even if they know what the fans want, most of the time they can’t really write that content. Because Vince overrides it.

Vince is stubborn and doesn’t seem to realize that other people have different sets of knowledge, likes, or dislikes than himself. He’s come up to some of his writers on planes and was baffled why they were watching movies on a portable DVD player instead of WWE wrestling.

He didn’t understand why “Pirate” Paul Burchill was a good guy, despite Pirates of the Caribbean being a big thing at the time, because Vince hadn’t gone to see the movies, and because of that was quite adamant that no one went and saw the movies.

As a result most WWE writers are writing for an audience of one: Vince McMahon himself.

With there being so many entertainment options for people to consume, TV viewership overall is down somewhat, and the viewership losses WWE is taking also comes in part from this.

The problem is that while the WWE is creatively bleh, financially they are doing quite well. So there’s no real drive to improve the quality of their writing.

And they don’t really need to. WWE itself has a fix for that. It’s called NXT. Ostensibly it’s their development product, getting people ready for the main WWE shows. But in practice it’s the superior creative product.

As best I know Vince is completely hands off with it, letting his daughter Stephanie and her husband Triple H run it.

I find it superior to the WWE in pretty much every way. The storylines are better, the wrestling is better, the wrestlers seem to be used more to their strengths. There’s only a handful of high level NXT guys that have made the jump to full on WWE that I’ve felt were handled better on the main roster than they were in development.

When Vince retires, or more likely when Vince dies because I don’t think he’ll ever be happy with retiring, oversight of the main WWE shows is going to go to Triple H and Stephanie, and that’s when I think we’ll see the quality improve.



What It’s Like To Be Withdrawn From Society

For me, it’s less that I’ve been rejected or bullied and more that living in American society gives me an uncomfortable feeling of cognitive dissonance. It’s kind of a terminal situation as I’ve tried to make the best of things but the only thing that really helped was when I was living in a hippie commune (which wasn’t sustainable long term because I have responsibilities like aging parents). I just don’t like our culture and I don’t like our lifestyle. I’m not suited to it. But more than that, I think the way we live is morally wrong in too many ways to enumerate here, in too many ways to cope with some of the time. Living the life I need to live to get by is painful to me. I’m fundamentally uncomfortable with the basics of what we’ve built as a civilization. I hate cars or cities that are built around cars (the sounds they make are really abrasive to me- it’s just one of those things that’s like nails on a chalkboard and you can’t explain why), I hate having to give my time and labor to make someone else rich, I hate working just to spend my money on nonsense, I hate the anti-intellectualism of American culture, I hate the hyper capitalistic antisocial nature of our economy, I find American politics deeply offensive and can’t tolerate discussing or hearing about the events of the day, I hate that nobody notices that to live you have to go into debt and that the powers that be want you to go into debt so that you’re a slave to them, I hate commuting, I hate that most recreational activities in the US are centered on consumer culture, I hate that your life is an endless hamster wheel of being funneled from one sterile air-conditioned isolated box to the next, I hate the idea of the nuclear family, I hate the rat race, I hate the suburbs and the unethical quantity of space/resources Americans feel entitled to, I hate the life of quiet desperation that most of us are living. Just generally, I don’t jive with 99% of the norms in our culture. I just don’t like what this particular life has to offer, and if I had the option I would opt out of society completely and spend most of my hours in blissful silence/solitude whilst petting my cat and tending my garden. I think most of us feel this way on some level, it’s just that some of us are better at shoving down the feeling and going through the motions, either because we’re afraid or because we numb ourselves to it.



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