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The Guys Who Go to Strip Clubs on Mondays – Mel Magazine

2-Year-Old Triplets Are Best Friends With Their Garbage Men – Ned Hardy

This bowl prevents your dog from eating so fast, which can be quite dangerous (choking, gagging, vomiting) for dogs – Amazon

Breath of the Wild sequel in development for Switch, Nintendo reveals – Polygon

Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox: 8K graphics, SSD storage, and ray-tracing for 2020 – The Verge

The Clever Cryptography Behind Apple’s ‘Find My’ Feature – Wired

I Babysit for the One Percent – The Cut

How to Disappear: Is it possible to move through a smart city undetected? – City Lab

Girls with perfect bodies (nsfw) – Leenks

North Korean Leader’s Slain Half Brother Was a CIA Source – WSJ

This is a game changer for moving heavy ass objects – Amazon

Man took his d*ck out in front a woman at an ATM only to shy away when she turned on the camera – Reddit

Canada passes ‘Free Willy’ bill banning whale and dolphin captivity – CNN

Florida woman, 21 arrested for ‘squeezing her boyfriend’s genitals until they bled’ – Barstool Sports

Another American tourist dies during Dominican Republic vacation, Total 6 – CBS

You can now rent Tony Stark’s Avengers: Endgame cabin on – Airbnb

Floyd Mayweather Drops Off Forbes’ List, Lionel Messi Takes Top Spot – TMZ

The Most Nasty Plaque Removal You’ve Ever Seen – Trending Views

Seven Creatures With Skills That Easily Beat Humans – Popular Science

A damn fine collection of booty for the week – Phun

Britney Spears Accuses Paparazzi Site Of Photoshopping Her To Look Overweight – Egotastic

WATCH: Warriors President Breaks Down: ‘You Can Blame Me’ For Injury To Durant – Daily Wire

How to fix America’s worst freeway – Mashable

Christina Milian Epic Pu$$y Print of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

A 16-Million-Year-Old Tree Tells a Deep Story of the Passage of Time – Smithsonian

Bella Thorne Gets High In A Bikini – Hollywood Tuna

How Do the Insanely Wealthy Actually Pay for Something Worth Hundreds of Millions of Dollars? – Today I Found Out

AMD blows minds with a 16-core 7nm gaming CPU that works like any other Ryzen – The Verge

Colorado Christian cakeshop sued a third time for discrimination – Fox News

Active Ingredient in Shrooms Could ‘Reset’ Brains of Depressed People – VICE

Allison Mack Used ‘Wonder Woman’ to Recruit Sex Slaves – The Blemish

Kim Kardashian Pokies will take an eye out (nsfw) – The Slip