The Daily Man-Up: The Grip

June 14, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Self-Improvement

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The further you walk away from accountability, the weaker you become!

Some of us suffer from a lack of inspiration and motivation. We are hoping to find it through some fucking miracle! You aren’t going to find it by wishing it true!

One of the places you are going to find it is by putting obstacles in front of you everyday. By putting things in front of you that you think are slightly out of your reach, it forces your mind to examine your true capabilities! In that moment, your mind becomes very focused and, in that focused state of mind, your inspiration appears. You don’t find this by not putting a challenge in front of yourself everyday.

When you are in that challenge, you have several decisions to make. If you decide to move forward, you have now entered what I call The Grip! The Grip is a world of suffering and pain and mental discomfort but on the other side of The Grip is a feeling of total accomplishment.

A lot of us don’t feel what it’s like to live in victory. This is a daily journey that has a beginning and an end and tomorrow is a new journey. What it comes down to is trying to be 10% better than you were last week. We live in a very impatient world – people wonder how you get to a paint where you able to run 140 mile weeks, put in thousands of meters in the pool daily, etc. You don’t accomplish it overnight. You accomplish it by starting at 10 miles (or whatever point you start) and having the patience and fortitude to slowly increase each week by 5-10%. Before you know it, your body and mind become a fucking machine! But, you will never find the motivation and inspiration needed if you have a depressed mindset.

Character is not built on the couch.

Stay hard!


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