Thieves Write Apology Letter And Vow To Get Sober After Stealing From Boy With Brain Tumor

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porch pirate wrestling belt

A pair of porch pirates have returned a stolen package containing WWE belts that were meant for a 5-year-old boy and in doing so, left a apology letter following public outcry. 

The belts were the property of Timmy Vick, a boy with autism, who is currently awaiting surgery to remove a brain tumour. The two belts provided a powerful sense of comfort to the little boy, who even went to sleep with them at his side.

After Timmy’ s father reached out to Sergio Moreira, a wrestling belt artist who refurbishes WWE replica belts with metal, leather, cubic zirconia and more, the artist offered to adorn the sick boy’s accessory free of cost. 

Moriera, who refurbishes replica belts with materials such as metal, leather, cubic zirconia, offered to embellish Timmy’s belts free of charge.

Speaking with Kiro 7::

The belts are heavier and thicker, so it feels like the real thing, (Timmy’s) father doesn’t make a lot of money,

But he wanted to give his son an amazing gift, and I told him I would do everything for free. I said, ‘Just ship it over and I’ll do everything you want on the belt, and he’ll have the belt of a lifetime.

The parcel containing Timmy’s belts was delivered to Moreira’s home in Edgewood, Washington on Monday June 24.

Moriera had been at a WWE Raw show, when an app alerted him that two women and a driver had stolen the the parcel from his front porch.

Determined to ensure the belts were safely returned to their rightful owner, Moriera did everything in his power to raise awareness about the incident.

Speaking about the thieves with Kiro 7, Moriera stressed how important the belts were to Timmy:

I want them to know they took hope from a five-year-old boy who is looking forward to that item coming back to him,

You stole that from him. You broke a child’s heart.

Edgewood Police Department also posted CCTV footage of the theft on Facebook, in the hope the thieves would be identified and the belts retrieved.

Following a public outcry, the thieves returned Timmy’s belts to Moreira’s home to return alongside a four-page apology letter.

In the letter, the thieves explained they were homeless and addicted to drugs. They had been looking to make some money by stealing the belts, but were left feeling ‘ashamed’ after seeing news reports about the theft.

The letter read:

We are so sorry for taking your stuff. Never in a million years would I have expected I would have stolen from a sick five year old, I have a 6 year old myself and am ashamed of what I did.

We never wanted to steal a child’s hope,

After seeing ourselves looking like low lives on the news, we have both decided to get clean and sober."

The letter was signed “two idiots”, and Moreira thanked them for returning the package. Moreira added, the women cried and appeared genuinely sorry when returning the package. He reportedly gave them a hug and informed them he wouldn’t be pressing charges.

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