The Daily Man-Up: Stop Dwelling On Who You Used To Be

July 1, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Advice

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I see people here all the time who feel discouraged because they’re trying to make a change in their life and feel bad because they used to be able to do that thing, and now they aren’t able to push themselves to do it.

“I used to get up early/get good grades/feel motivated/whatever, and now I can’t. I must be terrible.”

First of all, no, you aren’t. And second of all, it doesn’t matter. That has no impact on whether or not you’re doing it now. All you’re doing is discouraging yourself and making it harder to make changes now.

Don’t dwell on the past. Things change—life changes. You probably are doing a better job now of a lot of things that you were terrible at before. You probably also have more responsibilities now. Figuring out what has changed may help you. Was someone holding you accountable previously, and now that’s gone? Reflect on why you were able to do these things before.

And then move on.

There is only one moment that matters, and that is the present. Use your energy to seize this moment because it’s the only one you have. Make this moment better than the previous one. Making yourself feel guilty because your life was different in the past is only holding you back.

Think forward to who you’re going to be. Befriend your future self , and take actions today that will make their life better because one day, their life will be your life.

– Life By Grit


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