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In some corners of our society you’re actually praised for being a victim. The more arbitrary victim classes you belong to, the higher status you hold. You’re seen as strong, for being weak.

If you don’t watch out for it, you can find yourself being proud of being a victim, and your victimhood may not actually be real, nor should you want it to be. You’re a man. A man cannot be a victim unless he gives his permission. If he does, he also relinquishes power over his current and future life as a victim depends on others to succeed, to be ‘allowed and enabled’ to succeed.

This victimhood goes deeper, especially now with men, as we’re seeing other groups praise men’s vulnerability and condemn the stoicism that actually leads to a life well lived.

We’re being pushed to dive into our feelings, to explore them, to express them, and in doing so, we’re giving our emotions and feelings power over our mood, our actions, and what we ‘feel’ like we can accomplish in this life.

If feelings and emotions are truth, then we’ll be a victim to them forever.

The reality is that, no, your feelings are not who you are. They aren’t even the most important aspect of your existence. What you do, the man you are, and how you react to said feelings, is.

What you want to accomplish in this life doesn’t care about your feelings. Actually, by giving your emotions weight, you’re moving further away from the life you want to create rather than closer to it. In short, you’re becoming soft. You’re willingly becoming a victim.

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