Cosplayer Belle Delphine Is Selling Her Bath Water To Thirsty Fans

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belle delphine bath water

Belle Delphine is a British cosplayer and Instagrammer with 3.8 million followers.

On Tuesday, Delphine posted to her Instagram that she was now selling tubs of “gamer girl bath water”– small jars of water that she promises she has bathed in, sold for $30

Delphine emphasises on her online store that the water is “not for drinking and should only be used for sentimental purposes.”

Multiple fans have taken to the Instagram post and asked hopefully if the water contains her urine.

Recently she trolled her legion of followers by pretending she was going to create her own Pornhub channel if one of her photos hit over a million likes, which it did – in fact, it almost gained double that.

And, true to her word, she did set up a channel with the porn site, but much to her follower’s dismay, she was just trolling.

In one video titled “Belle Delphine Plays With Her Pussy”, the Instagram star reaches down between her thighs only to pick up a small toy cat.

She uploaded a total of 11 videos, including Belle gets scissored, where she opens and closes a pair of scissors and Pewdiepie goes all the way inside Belle Delphine, in which she ate a photo of the YouTuber.

Her followers reacted furiously, posting comments like “Boys we have been tricked”. Others called for people to unfollow the star completely, while others said everyone should “unlike the picture it’s f**king trash”.

The entrepreneurial Delphine has managed to monetize her social media brand by establishing a Patreon account where donors can subscribe at various tiers to access private material.

Her Patreon reads: “If you’re into weird elf kitty girls who try too hard then you have come to the right place <3” and offers seven different levels of donation with increasingly sexual and intimate online interactions with Delphine.

“GOD” level costs users $2,500 per month and provides access to all of her explicit material as well as an undisclosed reward that the user can discuss in advance with Delphine herself.

The account currently has 3,120 anonymous ‘patrons’ who have to donate at least $US 1 each per month to access material and be counted on the site.


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