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Penguin Travels Every Year To Visit Man Who Rescued Him – Ned Hardy

Best investment I’ve ever made. You’re instantly more credible than the other guy if there’s an accident – Amazon

Fit girls are fine (nsfw) – Leenks

Why Russia’s Heroin Addicts Are Going Through Hell – Gizmodo

How the Continual Evolution of Realism To Abstract Expressionism Eventually Led to Jackson Pollock – Laughing Squid

The Cognitive Biases Tricking Your Brain – The Atlantic

Just a Dick: The Sad Reality of Being a Male Porn Star – VICE

Interview with the number one hostess in Toykyo: She says she earns about $46,000 a month sitting with men who buy expensive drinks – Boing Boing

Riding high with Mississippi’s black cowboy community – Huck

Stone Cold Steve Austin – The Botch That Almost Broke His Neck – Pro Wrestling Stories

Whether you’re into your eggs hard-boiled, soft-boiled, poached, scrambled, or omelet-style, this cooker is an egg lover’s dream – Amazon

Visualizing the Highest & Lowest Paid S&P 500 CEOs in 2018 – How Much

A couple who retired early with $1.5 million despite never earning 6 figures uses a ‘bucket’ system for their money so they’ll never run out – Business Insider

Saudi Arabia Just Executed 37 People And Crucified One, Including A Student Slated For College In The U.S – All That’s Interesting

50 MMA Fights You Must Watch Before You Die – What Culture

The 5 Keys to Surviving Attacks from a Social Media Mob – Linkiest

It’s Time To Play F*ck, Marry, Cancel: Hottest Disney Stars Edition – Egotastic

Three Questions To Determine How Much Wealth You Can Build With A Rental Property – Forbes

Woman Who Married 300-Year-Old Pirate Ghost Says They’re Breaking Up – Trending Views

How to Protect Your Personal Information Online & Stay Safe on Social Media – Money Crashers

Naked Man with Kitten Gets Tazed and Other Videos of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

Woman Feels ‘Violated’ When A Man Uses A Gender Neutral Bathroom In Front Of Her – Bored Panda

21 high-paying side jobs you can do in your spare time – Ladders

How Antifa’s Apologists Fell in Love With Street Violence – Quillette

10 Creepiest Facts About Killer Clown John Wayne Gacy – Listverse

10 of the Best-Selling Books in History (Minus Religious Texts) – Mental Floss

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