The Best Workout Gear 2019

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Navy SEAL veteran Alden Mills invented the Perfect Pushup to address the injuries he saw from people constantly performing military-style push-ups.

His argument is that standard push-ups do not allow the muscles of the chest, shoulders and arms to rotate as they contract, leading to muscle imbalance and possible injury.

perfect pushup


This weighted vest takes your workout to the next level and makes most exercises harder on all muscles

runmax weighted vest


These wireless earbuds are comfortably snug, lightweight, sweatproof, and perfect for your workout

anker earbuds


This pre-workout will get you hyped throughout your entire workout out does so without giving you a crash!

vintage blast pre workout


This Foam Roller was created to break through the body’s toughest, tightest trouble spots for relief from intense aches and pains.

triggerpoint foam roller


These socks stays in place while you’re running and prevents blisters

zeropes blister socks


Portable gym that can be used as a doorway pull up bar or turned over to perform situps, pushups, and dips; offers three grip options for wide, close, and hammer grip pullups

perfect gym elite


Limber up before a workout with these Resistance Bands. Use the lighter ones for stretching and mobility work and the heavier ones for strength and conditioning

wodfitters resistance bands


Not only is it the best digital watch, the Apple Watch Series 4 is also the best fitness tracker as well

apple watch series 4


If you’re opting for something with a little more punch than a foam roller, check out the Hyperice Hypervolt vibrating massager. It helps relieve muscle soreness and helps you recover after an intense workout

hyperice hypervolt

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