3 Kindhearted Teens Push Woman’s Broken Down Car Five Miles Back To Her Home

July 26, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Life

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teens push womans car 5 miles

Dan Morrison/Facebook

Three teens were out getting doughnuts in Fonthill, Ontario, when they came across a woman stranded in the middle of an intersection with smoke coming out of her car.

She explained that she did not enough money for a tow truck, so the three teens decided to push the car five miles back to her house.

Another resident of the area, Dan Morrison, also stopped to help, and followed behind the teens with his hazard lights on so other cars would see what was happening.

“Last night I am driving home from work when I see someone stranded in the middle of an intersection with their car smoking,” Dan Morrison wrote on Facebook.

“I have been there, and it really sucks. So I slow down, ask if they are alright. This poor lady got this car 6 weeks ago, and it now looks like needs a new engine. So a group of 3 teenagers now stop. Look over the car and help push it into a nearby lot. The owner of the car does not know what to do. She cannot afford a tow, and can’t leave the car there. I then hear ‘you boys ready for a push?’

The 5-mile push took just under two hours to complete, and the teens arrived back home at around 4.30am. After Morrison shared what happened on Facebook, and the teens’ story quickly went viral.

teens push womans car 5 miles

Dan Morrison/Facebook

As Aeron said:

We woke up to our phones blowing up with messages and Facebook notifications from total strangers showing their appreciation and gratitude for our random act of kindness.

While 17-year-old Bailey Campbell added:

I’m like whoah, what’s going on? I’m tagged in all these posts and I don’t even know these people.

The teens hope their story will encourage more people to help others in the future.

Aeron added:

We hope more people learn from this situation and not be afraid to lend a helping hand to those in need.

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