Hero Sprints Down Street And FLYING HEADBUTTS Man Beating Ex-Wife

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flying headbutt

This incident happened on May 30, 2018. A man, identified as Mehmet T., was caught on CCTV camera assaulting his ex-wife, Nevin T, on the street in Istanbul’s Kağıthane District in broad daylight. The couple was returning from a divorce hearing at the Istanbul Court of Justice

Mehmet repeatedly hit the defenseless Nevin on the head with rolls of papers following an argument. The aggressive man continued beating his ex-wife even after she fell to her knees. All Nevin could do was to beg for mercy, cry, and shout for help.

Emre Derebaşı, a cleaning worker, caught sight of the violence while doing his regular duty in Kağıthane District. He immediately sprang to Nevin’s rescue. With an incredible flying headbutt, Derebaşı dived from behind and knocked Mehmet to the ground. A crowd of men soon convened around Mehmet and held him down on the floor to prevent him from running away.

Mehmet then was beaten by Derebaşı and a few others who intervened, according to Dogan News Agency. Mehmet, injured from the scuffle, was later taken away by police who arrived at the scene.

“We went out and the woman was screaming and she was trying to protect herself. It is not acceptable to have such violence during Ramadan,” witness Ayşe Atasoy told Daily Star.

“The woman was crying for help so the citizens helped her. We are all against violence,” another eyewitness, Mehmet Kaya, told Cumhuriyet, according to the Daily Star.

The security camera footage capturing the dramatic incident eventually made its rounds on social media, with many netizens praising Derebaşı for his heroic action.


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