Man Who Identifies As Amputee Wants His Leg CUT OFF Even Though There’s Nothing Wrong With It

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A former teacher is so desperate to have his healthy leg amputated that he injects painful alcohol into it in the hope of damaging it so badly that doctors will be forced to remove it.

Nick O’Halloran, 29, describes it as a ‘constant itch’ in his leg, explaining: ‘I can tell you exactly where it stops being “my body”. It is three inches below my right hip. After that, it’s just not me.

He is so desperate to have it amputated that he even straps his leg up until he can no longer stand the pain and wraps it in bandages to make it look as though it has already been removed.

Nick has resorted to injecting it with medical grade alcohol in the hope of damaging it so badly that that doctors who refuse to remove a healthy leg will reconsider.

‘The itch was intense. I thought either this will work or I will try something more drastic. I thought about putting the leg on a train track. The desperation is that extreme.

‘I really didn’t need to drum up any courage before injecting the leg because I don’t feel like it is really attached to me.

‘Each time I have tried this, it’s been incredibly painful. You feel the alcohol drying up in your muscles. But after the pain there’s a feeling of success because the limb goes numb.

‘Eventually though, the feeling comes back and the leg just goes back to normal.’

Nick suffers from a rare condition known as BIID, body integrity identity disorder, which stops sufferers from recognizing body parts as their own.

‘I remember vividly around the age of ten feeling like something wasn’t right. I had this disgust toward my right leg."

“It’s similar to if you had a weird growth on your arm. It would revolt you and you’d want to get it taken off as quickly as possible. That’s how I feel about my leg but, obviously, I can’t get it removed.”

‘It just feels like it shouldn’t be there.’

He added: ‘I want it to be amputated. That’s my end goal. It is really the only way that I can see a future where I am happy and comfortable with myself.’

Three years ago, on a BIID online forum, he found a person willing to put him in touch with a surgeon who would amputate.

Nick paid $24,000 but the person, and money, disappeared. He says: “I couldn’t report it because being voluntarily amputated is a crime, so I could have implicated myself in something.

“But, more than that, how do you explain it? I hadn’t told anyone about what I was going through at that point for fear of being branded a freak. I couldn’t face telling the police.”

Dr Anna Sedda, assistant professor in psychology at Heriot Watt University is an expert on BIID.

After performing tests on Mr O’Halloran she said: ‘What we find in Nick’s results, as with other people with BIID, is that he has a perfectly normal response to disgust, but there is a specific difference when it comes to the amputation of body parts.’

Her research suggests that the disorder is down to a misfire in the brain’s neurons, rather than a mental health problem.


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