10-Year-Old Boy Charged With Assault Over Dodgeball Game

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10 year old charged with assault over dodgeball game

A 10-year-old boy in Detroit was charged with assault after a game of dodgeball while at school. The young boy’s mother—Cameishi Lindley said she received a call from the Wayne County Juvenile Court and was told that her son Bryce was charged with aggravated assault for allegedly hitting a boy in the face with a ball during a game of dodgeball.

According to Lindley, the situation was an accident that occurred during a modified game of dodgeball. Medical records for the injured child said the kid suffered a concussion. The kid’s mother filed a police report and said that Bryce Lindley allegedly threw the ball at her son’s face on purpose. She also noted the child had a black eye and bruised nose.

The other mother, who has chosen to remain anonymous, has stated her son suffers from a medical condition which means head injuries can be very dangerous for him. Medical records show the boy had sustained a concussion.

The unnamed mother told WXYZ Detroit: how she had ‘tried not to let it get to this point’ but feared for her son’s safety after previous incidents:

He sustained facial issue damage to his face. He had a black eye and a bruised nose.

My son was hit twice in the face with a ball previously due to this.

The child apologised to my son and my son said ‘mom it’s okay we’re still going to be friends’.

Lindley has said she was unaware of the other boy’s medical condition, and told WXYZ Detroit: how she wished the situation could have been resolved in the classroom rather than the courtroom. She also added that the boy probably shouldn’t have been playing the game in the first place, which involved children throwing dodgeballs up in the air.

Bryce Lindley was suspended from school for one day after the incident took place. Reports noted that a Juvenile Court judge will set a pre-trial conference on August 1.


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