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Can Overdose Prevention Sites Work In The U.S.? – The Ringer

This Kind Man Put Up His Car For Sale to Save His Dog’s Life – Ned Hardy

If you have problems with regularity, these help put your digestive track on a zipline – Amazon

We Obtained Video of the Dayton Shooter Fronting a “Pornogrind” Band – VICE

The hottest photos of the day – Caveman Afterdark

What Do We Do About the Violence of Lonely Young Men? – Mel Magazine

How the Five “Love Languages” Can Help You Win at Relationships – Life Hacker

A damn fine collection of side bewbage – Leenks

12 Ways Airports Are Secretly Manipulating You – Mental Floss

The 21 Most Important Questions Of Your Life – Darious Foroux

Does a sugar detox work? I’m on it and have had some surprising results – Washington Post

The World’s Military Spending, Visualized – How Much

This is a MUST-HAVE for anyone who has trouble maintaining a nice and tidy desk – Amazon

Marshawn Lynch’s On-Field Confrontation With Camp Mom Caught On Video – Sports Gossip

Guy With Huge Face Tattoo Complains He Can’t Find Work – Trending Views

World’s Dumbest Bitcoin Scammer Tries to Scam Bitcoin Educator, Gets Scammed in The Process – Gizmodo

Vanlife Can Be Cheaper, Weirder, And More Accessible Than Instagram Would Have You Believe – Jalopnik

10 Craziest Privileges Serial Killers Enjoyed In Prison – Listverse

Rosanna Arquette: My Being Born White And Privileged Disgusts Me – Daily Wire

Instagram Star Keilanny Boo Shot Dead In Suspected Drug Cartel Murder – LAD Bible

Chinese Rail Workers are Very Helpful and Other Videos of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

ICE raids sweep up 680 undocumented immigrants across Mississippi – NBC

Louisiana attorney asks for jurors who wouldn’t judge client’s face tattoos – Fox News

His Girlfriend Wants To Go On A Week-Long Trip W/ Her Male ‘Best Friend.’ What Should He Do? – Brass Pills

A Life Of Debauchery Can’t Stop Kate Moss’ Hot Yacht Bod In New Bikini Pics – Egotastic

The Power of Saying No (Even to People You Love) – Tiny Buddha

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