The Daily Man-Up: Defeating the ‘Urge To Do Nothing’

August 9, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Self-Improvement

About 5 months ago I made the leap to try and start my own web development business, and since then I’ve found that my biggest obstacle to success is discipline and getting over this ‘Urge To Do Nothing’. It usually manifests in my brain when I try and ‘work’ from home.

This is what happens: I will usually be on the couch after eating breakfast and have made the decision to get up, start the day, get stuff done, chase opportunities. But another part of my brain just does not want to move because it knows I don’t have to, I’m my own boss technically, I can do anything, I can just keep browsing random news articles or flicking through my phone. That goes on for longer than I’m happy with until I start trying to make deals with myself, negotiating and coercing the side of my brain that doesn’t want to do anything it doesn’t have to. It ends up in a tug of war, where the other side is an anchor, until I finally break through using sheer force of will. All of this rages on in my head while any external observer would just see me lazily sitting on the couch at 9:24am.

I’ve done a lot of self reflection about this and I have been studying myself to figure out what works and what doesn’t in defeating this ‘Urge To Do Nothing’. Here are some strategies I found work for me, and some that don’t. Hopefully this helps somebody else out there:

Winning Strategies

These strategies all have one thing in common: they break the momentum of ‘Doing Nothing’. Your brain would rather keep doing what it’s doing rather than change and do something else. If you’re on the couch, it wants to keep being on the couch. If you are working on something, it’s going to want to keep working on the that thing (unless you get distracted and break the momentum). All you need to do is break out of the ‘doing nothing’ state and set it in the ‘doing something’ state and ride that brain momentum until you finish what you need to do.

Blunders and Losing Moves:

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