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Indigenous Tribe Wins Legal Battle Against Oil Companies, Preventing Drilling In The Rainforest

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Benefits of Public Transport


104 year old holocaust survivor, Shoshana Ovitz, requested that all her children, grandchildren and descendants will gather at the Western Wall for a picture. this is the picture


Child spending the night in a gym after her parents were taken away by an ICE raid in Mississippi

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Tulsa mayor takes a selfie with room of legal immigrants who, as of today, are US citizens.


An Alabama woman fended off an armed intruder by throwing a pot of scalding hot grease at him, resulting in significant burns to his face, authorities said.


Hong Kong Protesters Occupy The Airport – All Flights in and out cancelled

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How Hong Kong protesters deal with tear gas


Postal worker cooks steak on truck dashboard to showcase ‘inhumane’ working conditions during extreme heat


How STOVL (Short Take-Off Vertical Landing) works in the F-35B


Chris Bosh, Lebron, Dwight Howard, CP3, Dwilliams Eating Burgers at a Gas Station


Basketball players standing next to cheerleaders


"Why don’t we just throw all our garbage into volcanoes?”


X-Ray of 384 kilograms of cocaine hidden in excavator


A day in the life of a tower crane operator


Bulletproof McDonald of Detroit


Driving Through Detriot’s Hood At Night


This is what Earth looks like from 1.5 billion kilometers away; the Cassini spacecraft spots a pale blue dot beneath Saturn’s rings.


This is from a funeral ceremony, when a client wanted this as a last wish.


Antonio Brown’s feet after using cyrotherapy without socks

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