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What’s it like to get out of prison after 28 years

What’s it like to get out of prison after 28 years

I went to prison in 1982 and was released Feb 2009. To say the world I stepped into was a shock, it was a total shock. I felt everyone could tell I was a convict. I could feel the stares, going into stores you see people watching you. In prison you develop a sense where you are always aware of what’s going on around you. Your gaurd is always up.

I noticed people would cut the line in front of me and not think nothing of it, people would talk shit and if I checked them somehow I became the bad guy.

Society has made it so hard to get a job, with all them background checks, can’t rent, fill out a app for a job, list your last 3 employers and why you left. So you get creative on your answers, I put down I worked for the state. Get pulled over, cops whole demeanor changes when he runs your name. Some people don’t like you just because you doing better then them, and it’s my fault your stupid.

You scare people for no reason, trust issues all around. There’s no way I can make others feel the way they feel it’s them. Everything can be cool then they find out you were in prison that long. Some ask questions, some shun you, some don’t change its no factor to them, but once word gets out your judged by people you don’t even know haven’t even meet them. You hear it through friends, some will even say something when they hear another talking shit about you.

All in all out here is way way better then in prison, I’ve been out now for 7 and a half years, I’ve seen stuff that would get you killed on the inside. Out here people snitch, call cops, and not think twice of what there doing. I still hate pigs and always will. For I see them as bad as convicts on shit they do. When a pig sees another pig violate another person’s rights, harass him, beat him and don’t do something to stop the offending pig to me he’s just as dirty. When the pigs got shot up and everyone spoke how bad that was, what came to my mind was shoe just went to the other foot. But society don’t get to worked up when a pig kills one of us.

Prison made me into the person I am. Product of my environment. I can function well and do out here,but that underlinine factor of prison will never go away no matter what I do. No credit history,own a house but can’t barrow a dollar, no medical history, no job history, learn to use smart phone and computer. So much is differant, it’s a system set up for my failure that what society has created . But I won’t fail and I won’t become one of them.

– John Wussler



What’s it like to be an unattractive woman in a superficial world?

The bad

The good

So, what does it feel like to be an unattractive woman? Like I’ll never be good enough.



What is it like to be a kleptomaniac?

I didn’t steal because I was destitute. I stole because I had different emotions — fear, anger, frustration, and desperation — all banging up against one another. Shoplifting became the release, and the release became an addiction. I felt entitled to shoplift because I felt that I had suffered unfairly in my life and that stealing redressed these wrongs. Let someone else be the victim.

I thought about shoplifting before I got out of bed in the morning. I’d go on binges. I’d lose myself. I stole from so many stores that I literally lost track of my whereabouts and relied on merchandise tags to tell me what store I was stealing from. I wasn’t aware of what I was taking, just grabbing things off the shelves.

Look around your house: Everything you’ve paid for, I stole — camera equipment, houseplants, paintings, shoes, CDs, videocassettes, DVDs, mouthwash, aspirin, batteries, film, lightbulbs, a fan, towels, gift wrapping, coats, sweaters, books, magazines, envelopes, and children’s toys. I had a twelve-by-twenty-foot storage room filled with things I’d never use.

I wore a baggy coat, and in summer I wore loose-fitting clothing. I’ve heard of people who line shopping bags with aluminum foil to scramble electronic sensors. I always carried razor blades, a pair of pliers, and a screwdriver to remove security tags. I preferred stores in older buildings because they weren’t designed with shoplifters in mind, and I looked for places in the store with columns where I could hide from cameras.

One time, I was trying on shoes in a department store and deceived the saleslady into going to the back room. While she was gone, I put a pair in a bag and walked out of the store. I should have never looked back, but I immediately returned to the store. The saleslady must have been looking for me because when she saw me, I was surrounded by sixteen store detectives. I knew they had me. And they took me to a jail cell that was right on the store premises. I wasn’t alone. I had lots of company in there.

I’ve been arrested five times. Each time I asked myself how I could do it better the next time so I wouldn’t get caught again.

– Anonymous

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