Caveman Approved Products Of The Week

August 23, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Products

You can control everything in your room on your cellphone with this power strip


Pop one of these tablets in your water pre-, during, or post-workout to rehydrate, cure headaches, and aid in muscle recovery. Also works well prventing hangovers!


The most cost-effective security solution to protect you and your family against home invasions



A really, really, nice slim wallet


Attention all pet owners, this is the best water bowl for your dog/cat

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"I always hated using my cast iron pan because cleaning it was such a chore. I wouldn’t want to use a sponge because it would get disgusting, paper towels would essentially deteriorate away in my hand, and just running water over it would never do the trick. NOW using this awesome product I don’t mind using my cast iron at all!"


The size and hardness of your erection is controlled by the amount of blood in your dick. When you become erect, the swollen tissue restricts blood flow out of the penis and keeps you hard. A cock ring squeezes those same veins and helps you keep more blood in your junk. It can make you harder and physically larger, delay your orgasm, enhance sensation, and keep you hard after you cum


Highly recommended to all the fathers out there who want to raise a kick ass kid


These things changed my life! We all get those horrible shits where you just sit there wipe for a 100 years and it never gets better. Later in the day you find yourself having a swamp ass and it doesn’t get better until you take a shower. Well this changes that! No more swamp ass! No more weird post-shit walking! It is so refreshing that it feels like you just took a shower!



If you sleep on your side, this will eases back, leg, knee, ankle and hip joint pain


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