Single Woman Marries Herself Because She’s A ‘Strong, Independent Woman’

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woman marries herself

A woman celebrated her birthday in an unconventional way recently, hosting a ‘wedding’ for herself to celebrate being single.

Michele Plum of Horsham, West Sussex, England, sent out Facebook invitations to her friends and family announcing her plans for a wedding-themed birthday party after getting fed up seeing everyone around her getting married and having “babies everywhere.”

In a Facebook invite to her friends and family, Michelle Plum announced that the best gift she could give to herself is marriage:

I’m 36 years old on 16th August this year and have made it all this way without marrying anyone! Well done me!

So seeing as I have no intentions to so for real (sorry Ben!), I want to have a wedding. That’s the best bit about marriage, right?

And everyone has to come to your wedding so that means I will go full Bridezilla on you if you make some stupid excuse like babies or other weddings or being on holiday. Plus, I really wanna see you all. So put in the calendar.

Please come in your best sh*t bridesmaids dresses, your own wedding dress, cheesy suit, or as Elvis, whatever.

Footage of the night out shows Michele strutting her stuff down the street wearing her pale pink dress, while her ‘bridesmaids’ follow in an array of different coloured dresses.

As a single mother, Plum said she wanted to send a message to her daughter about the importance of independence on top of just having a good time.

“What’s better than to be surrounded by all my friends and family in a huge polyester gown? And I don’t even have to go home and live with a man for the rest of my life.

The message behind this is that I’m independent and strong. I’ve tried to teach my daughter that she doesn’t need a partner if she doesn’t want one,” she said. “With hard work, enjoying life and having good friends and family, you don’t need to be dependent on someone else.

I’m happy now, but I never say never because you never know who’s going to come into your life. “

woman marries herself

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