The Daily Man-Up: Discipline Is Just Having A High Tolerance For Discomfort

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Why don’t people work out? Why don’t people diet? Why don’t people get up early? Why don’t people actually study?

Because all those things make them feel uncomfortable.

As the quality of our lives improve with the advancement of technology and the ever rising quality of living, a disciplined person becomes more and more rare.

Going to the gym is not hard work. Working in a mine 12 hours a day is hard work, going to the gym is a walk in the park. It is still uncomfortable however, more so than sitting at home playing video games at least.

The Method

Start looking at having Discipline as simply having a high tolerance for uncomfortable feelings. Tolerance can be trained like a muscle. Every second you spend doing something you don’t really feel like doing is training yourself to be stronger. It simplifies Discipline.

Going to the gym will make you study longer. Studying longer will make it easier to stick to you diet. Sticking to your diet will make it easier to go the gym.

All are building up your tolerance for discomfort. Start incorporating that into your identity. You may not be the best looking guy, the richest guy, the most successful guy nor the smartest guy. You can be the toughest guy though, we all have that choice.

Start priding yourself on how much discomfort you can handle, and you will go places.

– play_time_is_over


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