Caveman Approved Products Of The Week

August 30, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Products

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This iPhone case is super thin and made of Kevlar Body Armor. The material soaks up shock and absorbs the impact like something military grade should

kevlar iphone x case pitaka


For the price and power, you cannot beat it. This is an excellent gaming laptop for an excellent value


So Much Pressure: When you replace your showerhead and rezlize just what you’ve been missing


This is like having your own personal Starbucks in your home


If you have problems with your laptop overheating, this will help reduce the temperature and improve performance


If you serious about being the best version of yourself and realizing your dreams, read this book


How to get rid of odors in a room and get back to that “neutral” smell


A Practical Solution for an Annoying Kitchen Problem

stove counter gap cover


‘This truly is the best insulated mug ever created. I’ve never had a travel mug hold heat as long as this’


If there is a single ‘fountain of youth’ prodcut that every Dermatologist can agree on, it is this one


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