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dogs are man's best friend

20 Photos That Prove That Dog’s Are Truly Man’s Best Friend – Ned Hardy

The hottest photos of the day – Caveman Afterdark

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Attach this brush attachment to your drill and watch a 3 hour cleaning job turn into a swift 30 minutes walk in the park – Amazon

9 questions about the Hong Kong protests you were too embarrassed to ask – VOX

Stop Making Everything Perfect for Your Kid: Children need to fail sometimes – Forge

Pictures of the Thai King’s Consort Broke the Internet — But What’s a Consort? – Rolling Stone

Trailer For Three-Part Netflix Documentary ‘Inside Bill’s Brain’ Unpacks Who Bill Gates Really Is – Netflix

VIDEO: 100 Teens Involved In After-School Brawl – CBS

12 lessons you learn or regret forever – Ladders

Mexico’s new drug war may be worse than old one – AP News

Awesome organizer to keep your car trunk space nice and tidy – Amazon

Girl Gets Called Out For Her B.S. ‘Hiking’ Instagram By Her Own Sister – Ruin My Week

Being Bored Vs. Being Comfortable In A Relationship: Here’s How To Spot The Difference – Elite Daily

This Couple Has The Most Unusual Horrifying Engagement Photoshoot Ever – Sad And Useless

A damn fine collection of bewbs, awesomeness and everything in between – Leenks

Scientists Now Know Why All Life on Earth Is Made of the Same 20 Amino Acids – Curiosity

33 Frozen Pizzas, Ranked by How Close to Delivery They Taste – Thrillist

Six simple money habits that changed my life – Get Rich Slowly

Report shows new border wall system in Arizona, expect to build 400+ miles – Trending Views

How to Flirt With a Woman: The Basics – Brass Pills

My Gay Prison Gang Fights Neo-Nazis – The Marshall Project

Rob Gronkowski Shares Disturbing Details About ‘Liquid’ in his Head – Sports Gossip

Scarlett Johansson Bare Midriff at Venice Film Festival Premiere – Egotastic

7 Morning Habits That Can Affect Your Entire Day – Mental Floss

10 Chilling Serial Killer Quotes That Show They Had No Remorse – Listverse

Horny Girl Grinding Dude and Other Videos of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

Be a Time Wizard: How to Slow Down and Speed Up Time – The Art Of Manliness

Meet Busty Insta Model Emily Elizabeth – G-Celeb

10 Rules That Rich People Follow – Brightside

All the Questions You Totally Had About How Old People Have Sex, Answered – Mel Magazine

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