Tales From The Meth

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meth stories

1. Had been up 4 days, didnt quite realize how wired i was and kept chasing a rush like an idiot. Took my last dose around 2:30pm, around 4pm started having chest pains. By 6pm, my heart was racing, and my left arm went numb. I was at a family gathering, Ha. I obviously hadnt been smoking any cigarettes by that time, and i had taken an aspirin, because i knew what was going on. I didnt allow myself to exert any physical energy, stayed that way until about 8pm and then made it home. I took a shower, to see if my circulation got any better, but it was only worse.

At 9:30pm my wife took me to the ER where I told them I was Overdosing on meth, and i needed to be monitered, i showed them the massive amount of crystals i was sweating from my palms. They werent surprised, i guess its frequent in my area. They were so nice to me surprisingly. I got to my room, and then had an xray, and blood work. My Heart Rate and Ekg actually were decent, but my BP was through the roof. By 11 or 12, i dont even know, i was in so much pain, i really thought that was it. My entire body was numb, and severely tingling, like when your foot falls asleep to the point where it hurts, but 100x worse and in my whole body, i mean stomach, face everywhere. I thought i was having a heart attack by this point my heart was racing and my vision was getting blurry my body was turning grey and i felt like a dumptruck was on my chest. I was insanely weak, could barely call for the nurse. I hit the button, and managed to say “get somebody in here please”. What seemed like forever, the nurse finally came in, i saw her approach me and then i passed out.

Woke up 40 minutes later, heart stable, but still in pain, and really really high on meth nonetheless. I was stable flr a while, and they sent me home. I didnt have a heart attack. I have an appoint with my family doctor this week. I also quit smoking cigarettes. Im still in pain, still sweating fuckin rocks basically. My circulation is back, which was the worst part of the whole thing. Im going to be taking it very easy the next little while. Gave my stash to a homie. Got me some really really good bud. Gotta take aspirin for a while. Yall be safe out there. Dont chase that fuckin rush yall. Do your shit and get on with it. Much love.


2. Okay so I’m not your run-of-the-mill tweaker I’m just a regular guy who like smoking meth from time to time but my meth dealer he’s kind of fucking weird so I was coming over to his house you know to get the hookup and I don’t know what was wrong with him this day but he was really really into my face like when I say that I’m not meaning he was in my face I mean he wanted to fuck my face and I’m just regular straight guy who likes smoking meth in public but that’s a different story anyway so I sit down I like the bowl up I get fucking blown and he looks at me dead in my eyes and just starts masturbating I’m high as fuck tweaking out of my mind and he just fucking nuts right in my face my high brain does not know what to do in this situation so I get up and I just run out the fucking door and he’s yelling screaming saying he’s sorry I understand meth makes you really horny you see I get that way too but never have I just randomly jerked off in someone’s face but I have jerked off of my cat’s face and that’s why you always have your phone charged when you’re high as fuck on meth that’s the moral of the story



2. I’m a 30ish year old woman, and I was no stranger to drugs, having done pressed E pills, MDMA, oxy, lsd, mushrooms and coke through the years. So when one of my friends brought over a small bag of Meth one day I was like “why the fuck not” and I did a few little lines. You guys know already how it makes you feel so I don’t have to describe it.. but I’ll tell you one thing… they say “not even once” for a damn good reason.

Week one – I just snorted small bumps here n there when i wanted to feel energetic and productive

Week two – snorted small lines

Week three – my nose hurt like a bastard and developed sores inside so I said fuckit and started to smoke it…

Month one – smoking was wayyyyyyy “better” so I started doing more.. I’d guess about two grams a week or so.

Month two – got fired from my job for missing too many shifts cos I enjoyed sitting at home and getting high more than anything. I graduated to about a half gram a day on the pipe.

Month three – full gram a day… sometimes more if people were over

Month 4 – received eviction notice.. ignored it until the last minute, went to court and got 60 days notice to gtfo. Didn’t really care much because Meth. Figured that I would find a way to pay rent or something.. IDK what my thought process was.

Month 5 – Meth Meth Meth… don’t remember much of anything else but I was starting to get really paranoid and I thought people were trying to break into my house all the time

Month 6 – water, heat and electricity shut off.. oh well, I had a woodstove and snow = water so fuck it. Meth paranoia, Meth psychosis, meth Meth, meth.. prob 2g/day

Sheriff gives me the boot, and three days to remove all my belongings.. I have no family (not because Meth, but because they died when I was 17) and my “friends” are just as methed out as I was, so I had nowhere to bring my stuff, and no money or way to put it in storage so I lose everything that wouldn’t fit in a suitcase.

Wander around freezing half to death for a couple weeks.. decide for the first time in my life to apply for welfare, but I was denied because I didn’t have proper identification.

No money and all my friends ditched me because I wasn’t useful anymore. No money = no Meth so I was really dopesick. Decided I was a total loser and I needed to clean my act up.

Hitchhiked about 500 miles away, allied for welfare again even though I still had no ID.. was accepted!

Got a small room, still no Meth. Deleted names, numbers, and anyfuckinthing related to Meth..

Jonesjonesjones…… got a job. Thought about Meth every day. Workworkwork… thought about Meth every day Got a half decent apartment Thought about Meth every day. Still working, drink on the weekends, smoke pot alot, still think about Meth every day but I am committed to never ever putting that goddamned drug in my body ever the fuck again. I was at a small party the other day and was offered some.. I politely said no while I watched other people smoke. I’m done. I’m literally crying as I type this but I did it! Though I still think of it, and I know I always will.




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