The Biggest Mismatch In MMA History: Travis Fulton Vs Jeremy Bullock

September 4, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Scrap

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Travis Fulton vs. Jeremy Bullock is a good example of a fight that never should have happened. The fight took place between a much larger and intimidating Fulton, who weighed over 200lbs, while Jeremy Bullock came in at a 170lbs, but looked more like he weighed 145lbs. No Athletic Commission would dream of giving this fight the green light today but the sport was more of a spectacle in those days.

Just 44 seconds into the bout, Fulton picked Bullock up, slammed him to the canvas, and badly hurt him.

Bullock is screaming and writhing in pain, the crowd cheers, Fulton looks concerned. The referee checks to make sure that Bullock is alright but his screams of pain are being drowned out by the screams of excited fans.

Bullock is taken away on the stretcher with a neck brace, and all Fulton can do is stand back looking nervous that he may have just killed a guy.

Although Bullock suffered a back injury, he reportedly made a full recovery and went back to teaching taekwondo. He never had another MMA fight.


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