Bruce Lee Wannabe Breaks Bricks In Training Video Before MMA Fighter Breaks His Face In 12-Second KO

September 5, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Scrap

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bruce lee wannabe vs mma fighter

The fake Bruce Lee, real name Tan Long, representing Chinese wing chun had challenged Xuan Wu – a fighter name which translates to “Black Tortoise” – to the fight in a trash-talking video on social media, saying he would put up 1 million yuan.

The fight happened after Xuan (whose nickname is Black Tortoise) and Tan beefed online about the merits of traditional kung fu versus modern MMA

Tan was dressed in the yellow jumpsuit in homage to Hong Kong martial arts legend Lee, who wore the iconic outfit in the film Game of Death, and even had a similar haircut.

He also decided against wearing any gloves – because gloves supposedly interfere with his fighting style.


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