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I’m a transwoman, I transitioned long time ago (I started to take female hormones and testosterone blockers at the age of 12) since then I have lived as a woman without anyone questioning. When I turned 18 I got sex reasignment surgery and basically I am indistinguishable from a cis woman right now. I don’t consider myself part of the lgbt because I live basically as a normal girl.

The thing is this: I don’t tell anyone my past, not even my friends, not even my hook ups, I even have ex boyfriends I didnt tell. I was in a discussion some days ago in social media where people was saying that trans people not disclosing it is terrible, I was deffending it as an “ally” like, you don’t have to tell people your medical history if you’ve got a sucessful transition.

I don’t want to disclose I’m trans to every guy I have sex with, because they’re always super attracted to me, guys always hit on me in bars and a lot of time I end having sex with them (also hook up apps like Tinder always works). There’s so many people in my suroundings that think I’m cis that I’m not sure if telling anyone would be a good idea. I don’t consider myself different than any other woman so there’s no point in telling. I mean they are super attracted to me, we both enjoy the sex, wouldn’t be transphobic if they reject or are mad for the idea i’m trans? But is this wrong?

Is it wrong to not fully disclose to the person you're hooking up with that you are transgender?
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