The Daily Man-Up: The Real Problem with ‘Nice Guys’

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Women aren’t in the business of trading sex in exchange for you being nice to them.

If you think being a nice guy should be enough to get you laid, then you got another thing coming.Women don’t owe you sex, or a date, or a relationship because you’re a nice guy.

Since you’re so desperate for a relationship (or a date, or sex, or attention, or love), you think every woman puts you in the friend zone, when in actuality you’re the one putting every woman in the girlfriend zone.

There is no friend zone, girlfriend zone, or boyfriend zone.

There are simply two people (and sometimes more) spending time together and deciding what kind of relationship they’d like to have together.

Every now and then, those desires line up. You meet someone who wants what you want. Amazing.

But for the most part, there’s a mismatch in what people want. You want a relationship and she wants a friendship. Happens all the time. Get over it.

But instead of moving on you get mad and start asking things like, “don’t women want to date nice guys?”


You say women don’t want to date you and put you in the friend zone immediately. Is that because you’re not being clear about your intentions from the get go?

Perhaps you’re approaching the whole interaction from the angle of a friend. Perhaps you’re scared of being honest about what you really want because you think that’s what ‘nice guys’ do.

Have you ever considered taking charge of your dating destiny and accepting responsibility for why women don’t want to date you?

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