Man Castrated By Pitbull In Revenge For Raping Woman

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A gang from Mexico allegedly caught a man suspected of rape and proceeded to torture him by making their pit bull terrier eat his genitals. 

The man, who is currently in his 30s, had allegedly sexually assaulted a woman in Mexico City, Mexico, last month. In retaliation, horrifying footage of the gang’s assault showed the man being stripped naked, handcuffed and then pinned to the ground by five men. A white pit bull terrier is then seen mauling the helpless man’s genitals.

The victim can also be heard screaming “stop, leave me now, leave me” as the group stands around him and watches. One of the gang members then covers the man’s mouth with a rag to muffle his cries for help. A second brown pit bull can also be seen in the video but it does not take part in the mauling. 

According to video footage captured by one of the attackers, the alleged victim was castrated completely by the dog leaving nothing but a raw wound. The video of the incident began to circulate last month. Local media had reported that the man had allegedly raped a woman after which the gang had caught him. 

The gang also posted the video as a warning to others of consequences to such actions in the city. The local media had shared that in recent years “methods of torture by Mexican criminal organizations have increased their level of cruelty.”

You can see the graphic video here

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