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The man who never took the leap: A story we can all relate to – The Ladders

The Mexican Secret That Instantly Turns Fruits and Veggies Into Addictive Snacks – Amazon

Homeless Man’s Dogs Wait Patiently Outside Hospital For His Return – Ned Hardy

The hottest photos of the day – Caveman Afterdark

9/11 Is History Now. Here’s How American Kids Are Learning About It in Class – TIME

Tap into the power to persuade by using these 6 techniques of clear and compelling speech – Ideas

What Happened When I (Tried to) Read 30 Books in 30 Days – Fast Co

Awesome Movie Recommendation Of The Day: The Witch – Netflix

It now costs $350,000 a year to live a middle-class lifestyle in a big city—here’s a sad breakdown of why – Make It

Mom Insists 14-Year-Old Daughter Get Plastic Surgery To ‘Be A Successful Influencer’ – Ruin My Week

Improve the music listening experience in your car tenfold with this powered subwoofer – Amazon

Why Euthanasia Rates at Animal Shelters Have Plummeted – NY Times

A Mathematician Has Created a Teaching Method That’s Proving There’s No Such Thing as a Bad Math Student – Quartz

How Much It Costs To Film An Episode Of The Most Expensive TV Shows In The US, Visualized – OnStride

Our 50 Nominees for America’s Best New Restaurants 2019 – Bon Appetit

Disrespectful man tries starting fight with police – Trending Views

We Can See Ariel Winter’s Nip In This Sheer Top – Egotastic

Having More Sex Prevents Heart Attacks, According To Science – Maxim

The 25 Most Important IPAs Right Now, Ranked – Vine Pair

Teen Disqualified From Swim Meet Victory After Referee Deemed Her “Suit Wedgie” Inappropriate – Deadspin

Shell Companies Hide $15 Trillion From Taxes, Study Reports – Forbes

Where did the family accused of profiting from the opioid crisis move their cash? – ABC

Trump calls on FDA to ban all flavored vapes after mystery lung illness – The Verge

Thong Flash on Motorcycle and Other Videos of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

30 Signs You’re A Mature, Responsible Adult (Even If You Still Feel Like A Little Kid) – Thought Catalog

A Woman Asks: What Are Some Ways to Flirt With a Guy? – Brass Pills

Cosplayer and Instagram thot Amouranth gave us a sneak peak (nsfw) – Celeb J

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