The Daily Man-Up: If You’re Worried About What To Do With Your Life

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As a person who has spent YEARS worried, stressed and anxious about “what do I do with my life?” and about what choices I should or should not make, allow me to suggest a shift or two in your perspective.

There are no dead-ends in life.

There’s a very simple truth to remember here, which is that you don’t really ever “end up” anywhere. For example we’re afraid that if we make the wrong career decision, we’ll “end up” at some sort of cul de sac where we’re out of options, out of opportunity, out of avenues for growth, out of resources. Or perhaps if we choose the wrong college major, we might have wasted too much time only to find out that it was the wrong choice.

But I want to tell you that you never “end up” anywhere. You are just as free now as you ever were. You can start writing that book, or that painting, or that song. You can start planning that trip. You can start looking for new work. You can start working out or dieting. You can begin the process of releasing an addiction. You can take the first step on an entirely new career, today if you wish.

… Or just stay on your course if you’re satisfied with it as it is. But the point that I’m making is that no matter what, no matter what, you will always find yourself in a position where you can look for new creative avenues of growth and expansion.

[If you’re disagreeing as you’re reading, then consider that you are perhaps committed to your own powerlessness and not even interested in discovering your power. This could be a revelation.]

The future is determined by whatever you do consistently.


Yes, life sometimes happens to you in the sense that there can be unforeseen blessings or tragedy. But massive events like these are rare, few, and far-between. In the meantime your life becomes whatever you’re often doing.

Whatever long-term outcome that you hold in the crosshairs of your imagination, consistently, is what you’ll get. This includes, by the way, outcomes that you’re trying to avoid. Whether you’re thinking about it in order to move toward it, or thinking about it trying to get away from it – you move toward whatever is in your imagination.

So be deliberate about where you want the ship to go. Be deliberate in your thinking, and be absolutely deliberate in your action.

This is what your future will become

I can’t emphasize this enough. Little decisions that you make when presented with a fork in the road are much, much less significant than how you regularly apply yourself on a daily basis.

May you discover power and discipline in yourself.

Brent Huras
Personal Wellness Coach

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