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Why is there a growing number of people voluntarily disappearing in Japan?

No human in this world does anything without a reason. There is always a reason no matter what and in Japan (specifically Tokyo) there is a lot of reasons to just disappear. There is a ton of videos/articles about hikkomori, NEETs, and Jouhatsu which I believe is all related to other in the sense that people become/do these things because of a reason. Im gonna list a few reasons why people become Hikkikomori, NEET, or Jouhatsu:

Related Documentary:



Why are there fat police officers?

Cop here. I’ll try to answer this as eloquently as a big dumb jackbooted thug possibly can:

First, the why.

There’s the why. Now here’s the how.

All of that being said, there’s thankfully a changing culture in law enforcement which is beginning to recognize the importance of overall health – physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Big muscles help, sure, but those muscles need feeding, and after standing in the cold rain for 10 hours, they’ll start eating your brain. Overall health is where it’s at. More departments are implementing minimum physical fitness standards for hiring (my state has had minimum initial hiring standards for going on 30 years) and mandating physical fitness tests on a yearly basis. Focus is tending towards seeing the body and mind as a whole, as the most important piece of equipment an officer has. I hope that, in ten years or so, not only will you see a more physically fit law enforcement community, but a happier one, too.

– Revenant10-15 



Why don’t I find my mom and sisters sexually attractive? 

Westermarck, an anthropologist, proposed that we are evolutionarily “trained” to avoid sexual contact with people we are very close to for the early part of our life (brothers, sisters, parents, etc.).

The idea is that evolution chooses people who show this aversion/disgust towards sex with those they are close to early in life because reproduction between close family members leads to reduced genetic diversity and (eventually) accumulation of bad mutations.

He proposed that this “Westermarck effect” could be proven because even non-related children who grow up together tend to show similar repulsion towards sex with each other (think of a close family friend you’ve known since childhood who you’d never want to have sex with because they’re “like a brother/sister to you”). Vice-versa, siblings separated at birth who meet much later in life might find themselves sexually attracted to each other despite being related (see, news stories about couples who later find out they’re related due to DNA testing, shock horror!).

HOWEVER: There are plenty of flaws in this theory however, and plenty of studies which have come out to oppose its findings. Other studies have found that people are attracted to people with more similar features to their own, which seems to contradict this theory. Long story short, science ain’t super clear, but it’s likely to be a combination of cultural and behavioural factors, tied to evolution.

– galacticsimian 



Why is testicle pain more painful than pain in say the arm or leg?

Get yourself two toothpicks. On yourself without looking or on someone else without them looking, test to see how

far apart they have to be for you to realise it is two toothpicks and not one when you press them against the skin of your fingertips. Try this again with the skin of your upper arm/thigh etc.

Different parts of your body are better or worse at detecting touch depending on the density of touch neurons, and subsequently a smaller or larger portion of your brain is devoted to processing those signals.

Pain receptors are different from touch receptors but the principle is the same. More pain receptors in an area will mean that you will be able to feel more pain in that area. Hence why there are more pain receptors in places that you need to survive and procreate.

There is strong evolutionary pressure to have lots of pain receptors on your testicles, as trauma to them will screw up your chances of having kids. Therefore, making trauma to your testicles unpleasant makes you more likely to protect them, and makes your genes more likely to survive.

– thebook21 



What is it about cancer that actually kills you? 

Basically, cancer is out-of-control cell growth. Normally cells are pretty good at regulating their growth, and they stop growing when they’re supposed to (e.g., when your liver is the size it’s supposed to be, it stops creating new liver cells, except as needed to replace the old ones).

Cancer cells have the parts of their DNA that control cell growth damaged, so they just keep growing and growing.

Normally they start out confined to one place, so you just get a big lump of cancer cells, called a tumor. Then some cells start breaking off and spreading throughout the body, and they seed new tumors all over. This is called metastasis, and this is where things get bad. The tumors all over your body just keep growing. Some of then grow inside your organs, or near your organs, and start crushing them. This interferes with the normal function of your organs, and eventually kills you.



What is The Strawman Fallacy?

A Straw Man is a misrepresentation or complete invention of your opponents argument in order to make dismantling of that argument easier.

A common example is a person who thinks we need tighter border regulation and need to crack down on illegal immigration. The Straw Man argument often brought up against this position is, “So and so is against immigration. Doesn’t he know we were a nation founded on immigrants?”

The Straw Man in this case is that person A is not against immigration, but a specific type, namely illegal immigration. So person B misrepresents his position and creates the lie that person A is opposed to all immigration.

Another example:

Your mom says you can’t have any cookies before dinner because you will spoil your appetite. You complain to your dad that your mom will not let you eat anything because she wants you to starve. This was not your mother’s argument, but your dad hears this and storms into the kitchen wanting to know why she insists on starving you. Your mom tells him that’s not what she said at all, that her position was simply that you could not have any cookies before dinner, and your dad nods sagely at this. Realizing you misrepresented your mother’s claims, your father sentences you to stand in the field to scare off crows while you think about what you’ve done.


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