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Here’s What Happened When I Complimented Everyone I Met for an Entire Day – INC

This under-$100 set is the best basic toolkit for most homes, apartments, or dorm rooms and has almost everything you need to handle household repairs yourself – Amazon

The hottest photos of the day – Caveman Afterdark

Why I hate living in my tiny house – Fast Co

What Makes People So Gullible? – Psychology Today

Endangered Pygmy Elephant Found Dead And Tusk-Less With 70 Bullet Holes In Its Body – All That Is Interesting

The World’s Happiest People Have a Beautifully Simple Way to Tackle Loneliness – Quartz

27 Halloween Costume Ideas For People Who Like Taking Their Costumes To The Extreme – Ruin My Week

Woman Finds Rare $250,000 Rolex Between Her Couch Cushions – Maxim

The Digital Athletes of the Future: Earning $1.6 Million Behind a Keyboard – MIT

Cop gives kid a drinking ticket and party goers immediately pitch in to help him pay it off – Trending Views

In order to combat rising electricity costs, you first have to figure out which devices in your home are drawing the most power. This connects directly to your electricity panel and uses a cool mobile app to tell you what devices and appliances are drawing power and whenAmazon

The not-so-secret life of a TikTok-famous teen – VOX

How Ari Emanuel’s Outsize IPO Dreams Were Dashed – The Hollywood Reporter

TripAdvisor Has Just Cut Ties With Attractions That Breed Whales and Dolphins in Captivity – Good News Network

Thoughts On Buying Property Ahead Of A Potential Recession – Financial Samurai

Popeye Goes for the Motorboat and Other Videos of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

Ed Sheeran’s Tattoo Artist Says His Tats Are ‘Sh*t’ And Lost Him Clients – Unilad

Five NBA Rookies Who Dominated the League – Gunaxin

Here are the Top 100 Companies With the Happiest Employees in 2019 – Thrillist

Holy Jebus. Ariel Winter Looks The Second Best She’s Ever Looked, Ever – Egotastic

Anti-Vaxxer Asks For Measles Protection Advice And The Internet Delivers – World Wide Interweb

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