The Daily Man-Up: Find a Compelling “Why” or Wash Out

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navy seal advice for men

BUD/s or Basic Underwater Demolition SEALs is debatably the most difficult military training program in the world today.

Trainees are voluntarily subjected to, what can only be described as six months of endless physical, psychological, and emotional torture.

From exposure to the hypothermia-inducing waters of the Pacific or  the endless runs carrying 200+ pound IBS (inflatable boat, small) boats on their heads to endless hours of physical training on the cold sandy beaches of Coronado and Virginia, each SEAL candidate is exposed to mental and physical rigors beyond what any common man can comprehend

But the training program isn’t simply designed to break candidates down. It’s a methodical (if seemingly maniacal) process specifically designed to make each trainee question their reason for being at BUDs.

Nothing they are asked to do is beyond the realm of physical possibility for the recruits, it’s simply designed to test their commitment to the program. Any trainee who doesn’t truly want it will ring the bell and drop out.

Without fail, every Navy SEAL that I have interviewed on the Knowledge for Men show has spoken extensively about the importance of developing a compelling “Why” in order to achieve your goals.

No matter how challenging the training might be, no matter how tired, hungry, and cold they are, the men who make it through training and earn the coveted SEAL Trident always have a reason bigger than themselves to keep them going when things are hard.

And even if you aren’t trying to become one of the most elite warriors on the planet, this lesson is just as applicable.

Most men wander aimlessly through life with no purpose, no fire, and no reason to push themselves forward and achieve at new levels.

But for those rare men who are willing to step up to the plate and answer the call of the strong grounded man, they know that this aimlessness is unacceptable.

They know that they must have a compelling reason for why you wake up everyday.

If you do not have a strong “why” then even the smallest obstacle or annoyance will stop you in your tracks, even the slightest breeze will blow you off course, and you will run for cover at the first sign of trouble. Often thinking of all the reasons and excuses to why it’s not your fault.

But when you have a compelling reason for what you are doing, a reason that lights a fire under your butt, you can overcome far beyond what you think you’re capable of.

As Tony Robbins says, “With a strong enough ‘why’, you can overcome any ‘how.’”

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