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This Woman Was Reunited With The Gorillas She Was Raised With And It’s Beautiful – Ned Hardy

Holy Sh*t! There’s Now A Mortar Launcher That Will Take Your Nerf Battles To The Next Level! – Amazon

The hottest photos of the day – Caveman Afterdark

25 Sexy Halloween Costumes For 2019 – Ruin My Week

He Never Intended To Become A Political Dissident, But Then He Started Beating Up Tai Chi Masters – Deadspin

What the Aztecs Can Teach Us About Happiness and the Good Life

The 10 Influential True-Crime Podcasts That Changed Everything – Vulture

So You Crashed a $3 Million Bugatti. Now What? – The Guardian

These men gather in backyards to settle scores — and reduce gun violence — by pummeling one another – Washington Post

Football’s Concussion Crisis Is Awash With Pseudoscience – Wired

Fucking Hell, They Even Have Claymores To Take Your Nerf War To An Absurd Level! – Amazon

What It’s Like to Be the Husband of a Hoarder – Mel Magazine

Little Skater Dude Nails A Perfect 900! – Leenks

These 526 Voters Represent All of America. And They Spent a Weekend Together – NY Times

Asics Store In New Zealand Had Its TV Screens Hacked With Porn For 9 Hours – Sports Gossip

Woman taunts lion after climbing into enclosure at Bronx Zoo (video) – Trending Views

I’ve been a therapist for 24 years—and this is what I learned about those who say, ‘I hate people’ – Make It

Man named Sexy Vegan charged in sexual assault of his dog after video surfaces online – LA Times

Women Discuss Things That Men Do That They Actually Find Creepy – Brass Pills

Americans Are Taking Out Ridiculously Long Auto Loans – Car And Driver

Drunk Woman Peeing and Other Videos of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

200-square-foot ‘shed’ renting for $1,050 a month in California – FOX LA

Doctor Gets 40 Years For Illegally Prescribing More Than Half A Million Opioid Doses – NPR

Man Removes Tattoo With A Cheese Grater A Week After Having It Done – LAD Bible

This Is Exactly How I Became Addicted to Heroin – VICE

This Brazilian Tattoo Artist Can’t Draw, And That’s Why People Love Her – Sad And Useless

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