17 Best Products For Men To Enhance Their Sexual Experience

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As the taboo of sex toys for men diminishes, more products are breaking into the market. And the right tools can take your sex and masturbation game from good to great. Here are the best sex toys on the market which come from a variety of categories and for all types of men.


C-Rings help to achieve and sustain harder, firmer erections

The size and hardness of your erection is controlled by the amount of blood in your dick. When you become erect, the swollen tissue restricts blood flow out of the penis and keeps you hard. A cock ring squeezes those same veins and helps you keep more blood in your junk. It can make you harder and physically larger, delay your orgasm, enhance sensation, and keep you hard after you cum


A vibrating C-Ring will turn your dick into a full blown vibrator

As soon as it touched my wife’s clit she gave out an amazing moan and didn’t want me to leave her body. She then rode me so she could control how it was and it was so close and intimate and it was great. She had one of the most intense orgasms ever and since she was on top she just kept going with the ring vibrating on her.

imo silicone cock ring


Tenga Flip

This product solves every problem with a fleshlight AND it improves on every good point of the fleshlight. The textures have been deliberately designed to stimulate the different parts of your penis in different ways and it feels amazing. The toy even has sections of the sleeve exposed through the hard shell, so you can squeeze if you want some extra tightness.

The flip is SUPER easy to clean, the whole toy hinges open so you can scrub all around the inside with soapy water and you can leave it open to air dry. It even comes with a stand you can place it on to drip dry. The material they use is vastly superior to fleshlights, not becoming sticky or smelly with age.

tenga flip


Tenga Flip Zero EV

Take the Flip , add two powerful vibrators. This is the pinnacle of sex toys for penises. All the good points of the Flip with even better stimulation. The vibrators are built right into the sleeve material to make the entire internal texture vibrate. The vibrators are close to the action and they are powerful, so you can really feel them. The drying rack I mentioned in the flip review has now been converted to act as a charging station as well. All controls on the vibrators are external so you can change speed and pattern as you go.

tenga flip zero ev


If you are a bit courageous and want to explore new territories, look into prostate massagers. They can be pretty pleasurable to some, and can lead to some of the most intense orgasms

vibrating prostate massagers



The toy stimulates the head (which most toys do not) and it feels fantastic!

This is a toy that isn’t designed for penetrating or thrusting but instead wraps around your penis and oscillates against the sensitive area of skin just below the head on the underside of the shaft. This feeling is drastically different to anything you have felt before


This pillow helps to get the female’s body in the right angle for sex

half moon pillow sex


Restraints are a fantastic way to explore the world of bondage and discover a new level of pleasure and play.

Bondage alters the balance of power. A stronger partner can be rendered helpless, which in itself can be an unusual and charged experience. A naturally active individual rendered passive or vice versa. This also opens up new horizons of tactile, emotional, sensual and imaginative possibilities.

sex restraints


Using a sex swing can allow you to try different positions that you just couldn’t do lying on a bed or couch.

This sex swing allows you to pull, push, and spin your partner’s body with a tenth of the effort it takes on a bed.  And the supporting straps feel like restraints too, making it a good toy if you enjoy rope play.


Have sex in front of a mirror

Might be the oldest trick in the book- but it’s SO hot.

My boyfriend picked up a door mirror that’s right in front of our bed, and having doggy style whilst looking at his face when he’s having pleasure is the best. Then I look down at my face too and it’s like “holy shit he’s doing this to me.” Hottest shit ever, please do it if you haven’t tried.


Don’t be a 1-minute man. If you have problems with lasting in bed and leaving your partner unsatisfied, this spray will desensitive your penis and will boost your stamina up.

promescent spray


Or you could improve your sexual stamina with this realisitc feeling training unit.

zemalia cyberskin


Another option for improving your staming is to start masturbating with lube so you get used to a warm and moist environment

shibari lube


A moisture-resistant sex blanket. No more washing sheets or the comforter.  Lay it down on whatever surface and go to town!

liberator sex blanket


These are legit. it’s is like Viagra on Steroids!

Not going to lie, I had the best sex of my life on these. No worrying about if you can get it up. The refractory period is practically gone. You can have sex all day on these. Your girlfriend or wife will thank you!

go on red male enhancement pills


For all the insecure guys out there, I’ve done some research and this is the best pump to extract some extra girth and length

vacuum pump


Everything you ever wanted to know about plesauring a woman

This is the absolutely best guide for men that I have ever read. I am a woman and picked it up to read the jacket and didn’t lay it down. My curiousity was overwhelming. I read it in 2 sittings. I think it was right on. I actually had to keep looking back at the cover to make sure it was a man who wrote. Guys, this is the one! With this information and a little practice, your name will be on every woman’s mind you touch for a very long time.

she comes first book

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