Confessions Of A Man Addicted To Prostitutes

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man addicted to prostitutes

How many so far?

Over 100

How did it start?

I had most of my cash on hand, and just decided to in Vegas. My first experince was lousy, but I decided to try again while in Spain. I have been doing it much less than I used to, but the urge strikes me every few months and it doesn’t go away until.I indulge it.

How much money do you think you’ve spent on prostitutes?

If I had to estimate, 20k give or take, over the last 3-4 years. I’ve never kept track, possibly much more.

How are you affording this?

I made a lot of money starting during college from poker.

How much money did you make from poker?

Cash games, though I have played in a few major tournies (10k buyins). I have made enough to support myself, though I have been playing a lot less lately.

So why not just buy a girl a few drinks?

I do that too! With limited success. I’m not a social outcast, I have a strong group of friends both guy and girl. It’s like I’m living a double life.

Whats the cheapest you have paid?

$100 for a half hour quickie

What’s the most you have paid for sex?

$1400 for four hours in Vegas. Worth it, squirter + very comfortable connection.

Best/Worst experience?

Best: Escort in Vegas who I have seen a few times over the years. Older MILF, is a squirter. Always mind-blowing sex, first time with her was for 4 hours in a hot tub and in bed.

Worst: Drug addicted girl in the projects who had fucked up teeth and a disgusting apartment. I don’t know why I stayed. She started bleeding from her mouth mid-blowjob.

Didn’t you feel bad fucking a drug addict?

Yes. One of my lowest points in life. Since then I’ve avoided ghetto areas and obviously fucked up girls, even if I have to spend more.

Do they frequently use/try to sell you drugs?

Some smoke pot, some do cocaine. I have done both when offered. One girl who gave me coke during the session turned out to be a minor porn star, and gave me a dvd of her masturbating. I did too much and was terrified of bein pulled over the entire drive back.

Have you been in a situation where when it got down to business the woman was just too disgusting for you to continue?

Yes. I have walked out when the girl is clearly ugly and not even close to her pictures.

Did you ever go down on any of them?

Yes, I enjoy this but I will stop if there’s odor, god, sometimes the odor…

Any infections/diseases/health issues?

Never had any health issues. I get tested every 6 months or so.

Do you always use protection with them?

I have had unprotected sex one time during a session and immediately regretted it and got tested many times after. Never again. I do prefer blowjobs without condoms, though, because what’s the point?

What’s the oddest request you had fulfilled?

I’ve had a girl pee on me.

What’s the oddest thing you’ve been offered? I imagine at least some of them must have advertised a peculiar talent/inclination

One girl showed me how she could smoke a cigarette with her pussy. Most unique is still the squirter, though, I have yet to meet another.

Have you been in a situation where you were concerned for your safety?

No, but I make sure to check no one else is in the room, or hiding in the bathroom. One time I did notice two cop cars parked in the hotel’s parking lot, called it off while notifying the girl, and read later the place was a prostitution trap.

How do you get around things like law enforcement?

There are review sites, so you can see girls who have established reputations. Intuition. Most girls with a website are probably not law enforcement. If you have a brain, it’s really easy to not get caught.

Was there ever a prostitute you saw that was well educated?

Many. Some gave fairly obvious bullshit stories about “putting themselves through college”, but I’ve met grad students, business school students, even a phD student who was working on a dissertation in neuroscience. She saw very few and very select clients maybe once a week for extra cash, and legitimately enjoyed doing it.

Was there ever a time where the prostitute pulled down her pants and a penis popped out?

I have seen a few transsexual prostitutes intentionally.

Do you plan on telling your significant other about it when you eventually get into a long term relationship?

How many sexual relations have you had with non-sex workers?

I have had 5 sexual relations with non-sex workers. I have never dated any non-sex worker for longer than a month. I have dated a sex-worker for 6 months. I don’t know if 5 is ‘very few’.

By dating a sexworker do you mean you payed for her service repeatedly over a period of 6 months or do you mean you had a non monetary based relationship with her?

A non-monetary relationship. I know what dating is, sir. She proposed it after I had seen her a few times. Asked me out to dinner, and she payed. This was when I was in San Francisco, I have since moved. She turned out to be crazy, go figure.

Have you considered that banging hookers will cause you to not be able to maintain a real adult relationship later in life? Getting what you want because you can drop the cash can sometimes warp our sense of what is reasonable or what we are really entitled to.

Yes, this is a reason why I have tried to stop and wane off my urges. Having that much access to easy cash so young, coupled with bad judgement and a possible addiction led to this.

Did you ever check if the prostitutes you are seeing are being exploited?

Most of the girls I’ve seen have been independent escorts, save the brothels I visited in Melbourne (where it’s regulated) and Barcelona (a highly reviewed upscale place). I abhor the sex slave business, and think prostitution should be legalized and regulated.

You mentioned that you believe you have an addiction, but not necessarily to sex. What do think you are addicted to?

The thrill, the idea of fantasy, to put myself easily into the situation, and just as easily exit. I’m still not sure yet, but sex obviously still plays a large part of it.

Any regrets?

Yeah, i’d say there’s regrets, especially when I think of the time and money I’ve wasted. I’m not sure how I feel psychologically/emotionally.


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